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Eh? You want to see her mud wrestling with herself?
Do you perchance mean Lisa and Priti, which would be a much more entertaining fixture.
"lokiuk said: I'd be quite happy to see Lisa and Nandy mud wrestling together, a proper Tory vs Labour cat fight "

Referring to Left double standards and split personalities: public "love the poor" vs private " they're bigots"
She has no idea what she's talking about.

Facilities in Jockland in Greater Glasgow NHS Board (38,000 employees) has 21%+ absence rates, so yep - outsource it and make the sods go to work. The twats
If it was closed and all sacked I'd bet Hospitals, GPs etc would carry on with no problem.

Like PHE an unecessary, add nothing drain on taxpayers.
We need a show with the boss of wetherspoons Tim Martin, the young scottish activish from a few weeks back who told off an audience member David Starkey, Alan Johnson/John Mann, JRM and Isabel Oakeshott Julia HB.
Is the football bird a tranny?
imho it's that chav footballer WAG overuse of make-up to emulate a drag queen. The scouse fake eyebrows enhance that look.

Rather amazing that some women want to look like drag queens to attract a man...

She contributed little - there as eye candy for bored audience to ogle/bitch
Well, yeah, it was all Thatchers fault.

And Blair.

He was a **** too.


Left & MSM never miss an opportunity to castigate Margaret Thatcher.. However, 1997-2010 Blair/Brown destruction of UK erased from history by Left & MSM
Someone’s tired.
Need a hug?

The moment a dead sheep fatally wounded our warrior queen, Margaret Thatcher
ROFL - read your linked article. Then apologise.

Check the link. I can only put it up there I can’t make you understand it, it’s simple enough
Funny. It is very simple to understand: you are wrong. Keep digging.
The final betrayal of Brexit - the grim reality of what Brexit has been reduced to
Prime Minister May is understood to have provided an insight into the document to Angela Merkel before she showed it to her own cabinet. I am confident that this was to gain some sort of demure approval

Maybe this explains her woeful performance:
Theresa May could not bear to watch the end of the England vs Colombia game because she found it too stressful. What hope is there when the woman who is supposed to be fighting our corner over Brexit hides behind the sofa during a penalty shootout?

All May had to do was seek advise from and/or copy Trump when dealing with EU. She is too dumb and stubborn to do this.

It is now time the people mobilised. I can think of 17.4 million good reasons why this is our last chance.

The tragedy of the Brexit Chequers summit | Coffee House

Theresa May’s Brexit plan is Remain by another name | Coffee House

Anyone for crowdfuding a Baby May blimp?
A Plain English summary of May's appeasement

A Slow Bus to Brussels:
"...for Single Market read ‘free trade area for goods’; for ECJ jurisdiction read ‘consistent interpretation and application of UK-EU arrangements….with due regard paid to EU case law’.

It’s a sleight of hand that wouldn’t look out of place on an old Paul Daniels magic show.

The fig leaf of sovereignty is there, but it is so heavily compromised by the need to ape every rule of the EU, it makes the prospects of trade and regulatory divergence (two of the prime opportunities of Brexit) completely null and void.
So where do we go from here? The Lib Dems or Labour? Never in a trillion years! The Conservatives? A party where those of genuine Eurosceptic conviction are in an enfeebled minority position at Westminster! UKIP? Cleverly neutered by Conservative statecraft to the point of extinction!

No, there’s nowhere for people like me to go anymore. We’re voiceless. Millions of us – voiceless. What a shameful, appalling, scandalous pass we’ve reached in British politics."
I'm trying to stay positive, but May's rejection/ignoring of all USA "we will do free trade with UK" offers is heartbreaking.
May's betrayal of the British people makes Blair's treachery look positively patriotic.
May's betrayal of the British people makes Blair's treachery look positively patriotic.
Just get Blair to bunk up a bit on the gallows to make room for "call me Dave" and May. In the case of May I'm not sure whether its a case of treachery or stupidity but in days gone by those in roles of state met the same end.

What's next? Four years of Corbyn and the end of the UK. I reckon he can probably get the job done in under 12 months. The gloating of the Question Time audience is going to be unbearable this week.
All May had to do was seek advise from and/or copy Trump when dealing with EU. She is too dumb and stubborn to do this.
She is getting her advice from Flashman, "There is a point you know, when treachery is so complete and unashamed that it becomes statesmanship". Flashman and the mountain of light...I think.
Syria / ISIS - UK involvement

A dogs dinner

Impressive. True?

I have noticed Malinois seems more used than Alsatians in past 10-20 years. Due to less "show-dog" inbreeding & ill-health?

We had one, a working one - very intelligent & obedient compared to her subordinates Mr black lab & Miss cocker.
Tonight's Question Time is in Dartford in Kent.

"On the panel are minister of state for energy and clean growth Claire Perry MP, who attends Cabinet and was at the Chequers meeting on Friday 6 July; Labour's shadow secretary of state for international trade Barry Gardiner MP; Gina Miller, fund manager and campaigner who took the government to the Supreme Court over Brexit; Charles Moore, former editor of the Daily Telegraph and The Spectator, now a columnist for both; and the broadcaster, journalist and friend of Donald Trump, Piers Morgan."

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