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Abbottpotomus promised next week in Bury St Edmunds. Last time I was there it appeared to have fallen asleep. Perhaps it will wake up and bury St Diane?
That was gash compared to last week
I remember when it used to be lively, topical, feisty and the audience didn't stand for any crap. This thread would follow the pattern and be full of pages and pages and pages actual discussion of what was said for each programme. These days QT is so lacklustre the thread is just a weekly couple of pages of observations on whether there's a shag to be had from the panel/audience members and what a tit the Labour offering is (par for the course in the good times, admittedly).

They need to get Farage back on, for starters, and stop filtering out Mr. Angry during the audience selection.
Would he laugh even more if you told him Eddie Izzard is like an intellectual giant of the labour party
Don’t mock. Eddie is being lined up as the first female leader of the PLP!
In line with my last may I say, now that the sofa has been revealed on This Week: "Patel: I would!"
It says a lot about the quality of the debate from the panel that we are once again a) not extending the thread at a rapid rate of knots, b) not wading in ourselves and c) making largely asinine and sarcastic comments, usually around slagging off the panel in sexually gratuitous and inventive ways.

Or is that just me...?
Left it on in the background while doing something useful - making soup. Thornbarrel used the opportunity as a party political broadcast for Corbyn. There seemed a nearly even split about opinions on a divisions in Labour.
Alan Johnson and Priti Patel on "This Week".
Does that overlook that the population of Brixton is predominantly, erm, black...?
Had a mate, Wallace Black and we were walking down the high street in Brixton. We decided to head into a pub near the market. "Hey Blackie! I yelled, "In here!"
Only later did I realise how bad it could sound, so started calling him Wally. At least he being irritated was better than the baleful looks I got off the "Locals." :cool:
Remember whn HIGNFY used a tub of lard because the politician (name escapes me) kept on pulling out at the lat minute?

They should do something like that.

Perhaps a small hippo, if they can get it to stay in the seat.
Roy Hattersley (Lab).
If (ha,ha) she does turn up, it would be nice if the audience sang 'Mud, Mud, glorious mud,' in her honour.
Peter Hitchins is always good telly - you never know where he is heading, but, by goodness, he’s always worth listening too.

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