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Tonight's panel

David Dimbleby presents topical debate from Chesterfield. On the panel are chief secretary to the treasury and former justice secretary Liz Truss MP, shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry MP, Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable MP, Guardian columnist Nesrine Malik and LBC presenter Iain Dale.

I thought abbott was meant to appear tonight? She dropped out not long ago for the Blackpool show, wonder What the excuse is?

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Last time I heard Dale and Nugee having a chat was on Dale's radio show. He handed her her ample arse. Again...

Could be fun viewing for a change.
I guess Truss is the eye-candy this week, then...

I mean, she's f**k all use for anything else!


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But I've bought in the beer and snacks and everything..... :-(
It's about time somebody had a go at QT under the Trades Description Act.
They keep billing a potential comedy show, then she pulls out - and no explanation given.
Enough' enough, I say.
She probably forgot she was meant to be on and organised a night at Nando's for the sistren and sistrans, but only if they're IC3.

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Going by her performance at HoC this week, she isn't taking any questions and if she does get pressured in to getting given a question, she won't answer it. Instead there are two panelists with form for not answering the question and for spouting stuff that makes no sense whatsoever and a Guardian writer who may or may not have a political agenda.
Dale's OK, he may not be the quickest of intellects, but he's no snail.

.... awaits incoming
As labour are utter crap at managing the economy, the Tories are getting a deserved label of being utter crap at immigration

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Is thornberry full of booze or drugs?
She looks in a right state
She's form for lushing it in the green room. I remember GE 2017 when as the results were coming in she was more and more flushed and slurring every time they cut to her for a comment.
So why did you abstain?

Come dimbers keep on her

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