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This MEP seems thick as f***

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Desperate to try & keep the UK paying into the Ponzi scheme to ensure she get her lucrative pay packet as Vice President of the EU parliament, which even as a basic (without expenses & numerous very generous allowances) will be at least E 10,000 per month. If you look at all the huge number of perks these jobs offer you can see why the incumbents are desperate to hang on to them, who else would pay these chimps..... this gives some revealing details of how they can milk it..

Salaries for staff, Parliament members and Commissioners - EUabc
Lisa Nandy talking hospitals, NHS trusts, families.
Nothing else to report really. Maybe others will fill in the gaps.
One point/gap: you're discriminatory - it's Litha Nandy ;)
"That Paris trans person who says all white people are racists. "

It's white itself, isn't it...?
Assume she now "identifies" as black - like that dumb septic Rachel Dolezal - to show solidarity with the racist Mungo thing.
'I don't think the UK is leaving the EU'...WTF! Did I hear that right?
Yes & No

No, she said "leaving Europe"

Yes, she also frequently used Europe when EU and vice-versa.

Deliberate? imho Yes.
Irish MEP EU VP quisling: "We (RoI) use that land bridge to get to the EU"

What "land bridge"?

Maps show none.

Is there a secret bridge linking Ireland, GB & Continental Europe only EU VPs know about?
A predominatly Dutch company moving its "Legal" dept from UK back to cloggiland... So lots of racist Brexit disaster depair from the usual suspects and fellow travellers.
Also, it's an FTSE100 PLC - owned by shareholders not Britain, Holland or EU.

Circa 45% of shareholders are Dutch investors (corporate & individuals).

Circa 60% of Unilever's profits come from UK based business sectors.

Main reason for move is Protectionism - Dutch Gov't much more likely to back incumbent Mgt and prevent owners (shareholders) selling to a buyer who will pay a higher price than current market price.

Make it personal:

Your car has a UK market value of £10,000

American on holiday says "Nice car dude, I will buy it for £12,500 cash"

You're happy, American guy happy. Then Gov't says NO.

It's your car not Gov't's car.
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22 March - Leeds, West Yorkshire

With an audience under the age of 30

David Dimbleby
James Cleverly, Deputy Chair of the Conservative Party
Shami Chakrabarti, Shadow Attorney General
Stewart McDonald, Shadow SNP Spokesman for Defence
Journalist, Paris Lees
Journalist, Peter Hitchens

Prediction: boring


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And the question you guarantee won't get asked "Should you get a knighthood for claiming there is no problem with antisemitism in the Labour party"
You might with Peter Hitchens on the panel - he is no shrinking violet. ;)
Tempted to tune in tonight Hitchins is always good value - veering wildly between sheer common sense and total insanity! :smile:
Could be a good one.

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