Question Time 10 January 2013

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pcar964, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. I was going to watch it until I found out Baron Hardup of Bilton was on.
  2. FHA

    FHA LE

    So we've got a government minister who can change the climate? Great. First two weeks in July nice and sunny please.
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  3. Good one. Very funny :)
  4. You missed out. He was barely coherent. At one point I thought he was drunk as he resorted to shouting slogans and buzz words. He also had his arrse handed to him by the audience when he tried to argue that poor, starving welfare recipients were being shafted while millionaires pay less tax. Prezza seems to be going the same way as Maggie.

    Regarding Nadine Dorries, I was disappointed to note that no one asked her to justify her absence from work when any other public servant would be sacked for going awol like she did. Perhaps if MPs want a 32% pay rise, as has been reported, they should have normal terms and conditions that would require Nadine and Gordon Brown to actually turn up for work.

    Of course, I'm joking. Allowing monumental absenteeism for MPs is obviously essential for democracy.
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  5. John Bird made some good points about Europe's lack of accountability.
  6. I watched it for the first time in years and thought that the dappy Dorries handled herself reasonably well. The guy from The Big Issue came across as a bit incoherent and Lord Pasty of Ginsters just made himself look a fool.
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  7. I like that one.
  8. Joking? Britain would be a better country if all MPs and MEPs had been awol from circa 1990
  9. Stopped watching years ago. I just get angry that we have so many halfwits who believe the lying, hypocritical crap that other halfwits feed them. Shouting at the television doesn't really help, either. Good ale does, though.
  10. I've just got into it, right proper like.
    I 've grown to like the oddities that surface every now and then.... Just thinking of that sex pistols dick who's name escapes me. He was funny for nearly a whole second.
    That doris who did the celebrity jungle thingy, I thought, gave a very good account of herself. She should have 'lost it' at least a couple of times and perhaps brandished a large panga. That would have had me to the bog a few seconds sooner. Knuckle shuffle visit mind. The shits beat her to it.
    The programme and it's entertainment value come mainly from the dorks who have slipped through the net and got in.
    Prescott? A massive labia major of the highest order.
    I have nothing more to add. X
  11. We had Q.T. on Exmoor a few weeks ago, admittedly a lacklustre panel, but you have to put your 'slips' in first so the BBC 'luvies' can select them, as always my sort of questions, in this case about M.P. attendance 'I have the knives out for the workshy pisstaker Gordon Brown' no doubt got binned...much as I always trot out why is Barry O'bama having a white mother the first 'black' president..never gets aired, but hey I'm blacklisted on LBC.. :)..see what I did there.. :)