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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bat_Crab, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. Linkage

    An opportunity for ARRSE to hijack proceedings? What are the chances of the BBC putting forward questions from a group of angry squaddies?
  2. Perhaps we could all ask the same question, worded the same - that way the BBC would have a problem in not dealing with it.

    For example

    "How does the PM defend the massive foreign policy failings in his administration that have led to the deaths of hundreds of UK service personnel since he came to office? Furthermore, how does he justify the lack of medical and psychological care provided to returning injured service personnel?"
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Can't we just call him a cnut and be done with it??
  4. Ask him his preferred method of execution and then apply it forthwith?
  5. Spot-on DMTW ! Trouble is the slimy bastard will blame medical cuts on inherited policies from the tories and thus wash the blame off himself and his cohorts. Maybe spend a bit of time on re-wording the last sentence so that he can't weedle out of it. The griining lying bastard is a politician AND a lawyer....we may need help.

    Any out there ? ALS bloke or blokess with a conscience perhaps ?
  6. Scabbers - I suspect we're both RAMC(?) : rewording the last sentence would just make me angrier. Feel free to write it up yourself.
  7. That's why I pinged it back. Keyboard Hypertension growing as I type. I might have a go later.....after a pint of course.
  8. How about - Knowing as the PM now does that all the reasons given for invading Iraq were based on wrong or at least faulty intelligence, would the PM still take the same decision?

    Answer would probably be on the lines of "Saddam was a bad man, so we did the right thing" ie he wouldn't answer the question asked as normal.

    Of course if he just said "Yes 'cos Georgie asked me to" or "of course not you fool" then I would be most nonplussed. :)
  9. Perhaps add the words, "given that he has had 10 years and the experience of four conflicts to do something about it."

    Just a suggestion....Kosovo, Sierra Leonne, Afganistan and Iraq being the four conflicts....have I missed any?
  10. Alternatively "When are you going to stop blaming the Tories for your failings?"
  11. Why erudite legal-type you.

    Sounds like we've got a squirm-making question to hand, but I suppose No. 10 spies are crawling all over this post so they will start on the answer now. Cue sh*t eating grin from his Tonyness, earnest pose, hands together....bollocks, I'm going to puke already.
  12. Ask the slimeball ;'At what point in your premiership will you be prepared to accept responsibility for your Governments failure in virtually every policy rather than blaming the mess on the situation 10 years ago when you came to power'

    Likesay what the hell have you been doing for those 10 F-ing years.
  13. Well put DMTW. In the absence of anything more, I would go along with the example. Far better to question him in person though, just need to study those crucial local election seats for Labour, check out the relevant diaries and liaise with a few like-minded people around the country who, will drop everything to be at the venue that our PM happens to be at. The question could then be put asked from the crowd at about the same volume that you have to yell to mates in the firefight. Personally, if somebody was to do this - it would probably make sense to tip of the media first wouldn't it? And if you ask him on the way out, he'll have the time to answer. I reckon this really could be the year of the "Door Stepper" - Beware Tony, there's an ARRSE'r near you!