Question that requires an answer quickly before i go mad

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by drilller, Jun 23, 2005.

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  1. How or where did RTFQ get his name from and what does it mean???

    I thought it ment Return To Fcuking Question

    Please help
  2. Could it be Read The Fcucking Question????

    Only RTFQ can really give us the answer and the reason behind it, but what ever it stands for he is the ultimate story teller.
  3. I've always understood it to be Read The Fcuking Question

    If that helps.

    Knowing him though it is something completly different and amusing.
  4. Well said He is begining to over take Chickenpunk, in the humour race.
  5. Really Tight Fecking Qu1m.
    Roger The Frilly QARNC

  6. RTFQ - Roger the Fat QM .............I think
  7. Chickenpunk, whos Chickenpunk?

    User not known here.......
  8. I thought you were one of the teenage insurgents from Ultimate Farce? Never saw much that passed for humour there except what we put up
  9. Teenage i wish :D :D