Question? SAS WINGS

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by kayak8889, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know what arm an sas soldier wears his wings on?

    The reason for this is i think i have caught someone out who claims SAS when he isn't!
    But i want more info before i start taking the pee out of him!

  2. Just like everybody else.
  3. They are on the right arm. Most ex Hereford returning back to the 'real' army wear standard issue para wings when in Cbt 95. For a definative answer on his status just ply your RAOWO with beer and he'll check his records for you.
  4. 49 para wear them on their left sock to keep a low profile, hope this helps.

    P.S. If you need any more tips on setting up your airsoft uniform just ask.
  5. How old is he and how long does he have claimed to be in?
  6. He is about 34/35 years old he said he was ex 22 regt and is now in 21 regt. I know 21 regt have different HALO wings (they point down instead of up)
    I thought it was odd at the time in which he insisted there worn on the left arm.
    I also checked in a SAS book by Barry Davies in which he mentions the left arm?

    So still not sure?
    Has anyone every seen the real thing?
  7. Its right.
  8. Only ever seen them on right arm and then on No "2s. I stand to be corrected but I don't think THEY wear them (any wings) on C95's at all and they definitely dont wear them on their leather jackets.
  9. It would seem he is blagging it. There have been a number of them in the army. One RLC WO2 was court-martialled and reduced in rank for spinning such a yarn. 21 do not wear them on their left arms!!
  10. Same as, had an OC who was ex Hereford, wore his only on 2s (on the right arm) and wore his normal wings like the rest of us on his works dress/CS96/tropics.
  11. Are those newer than CS95? Do only "them" get these issued?
  12. There was a time when the wings were worn on the left breast,or so i'm led to believe....but i think that was for some act of bravery?

    I also think that the Regiment wear the wings a little lower down the arm then the Para's.....again dont take this as fact.
  13. Right arm above all other insignia, and left chest if seen combat.