Question : SA80 function test

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Run_Charlie!, Dec 15, 2007.

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  1. Can someone post a correct "guide" to the function test? I only get an hours weapon handling tuition a year and it's the one thing I can't remember how to do correctly.

    Yes, I await the incoming!
  2. 1. Check that the safety catch is at ‘S’ and the change lever is at ‘R’. Cock the rifle and attempt to fire the rifle. It should not fire.

    2. Set the change lever to ‘R’ and the safety catch to ‘F’, operate the trigger, firing the action. Whilst holding the trigger back, cock the rifle and release the trigger. The hammer should be felt/heard engaging the main sear. Operate the trigger, the rifle should fire.

    3. Set the change lever to ‘A’ and the safety catch to ‘F’. Cock the rifle. The hammer should be held to the rear. Operate the trigger, the rifle should fire. Whilst holding the trigger back, cock the rifle. As the bolt moves forward the hammer should fall to strike the firing pin. Release the trigger. Set the safety catch to ‘S’ and the change lever to ‘R’. Close the ejection opening cover.
  4. Care to explain 'Bigt' why you added the bits in bold?
  5. I think he (apols if my assumption is wrong :wink: ) wished to point out that if the rifle fires (i.e. goes BANG) when you do the function test then you have just ND'd and failed your WHT.
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  6. Care to explain why this is being discussed on t'internet when RC could quite easily ask for help from a qualified person at work?
  7. In all fairness i dont think the Taliban will use this information to plan attacks.
  8. Not really getting at that.

    I could say that the function test involves shoving a banana in to the flash eliminator.....
  9. Sorry, most of us haven't even seen the M4 yet. I think we're still talking about the A2.
  10. SA80 function test??? - it doesn't work does it??

    Well it didn't in 1990 :D
  11. I posted the answer straight from the pam, on a new computer now so i don't have the pam on this one. If you look at my past post you will find it. Hope this helps.
  12. The answer I posted was directly from the pamphlet hence my interest as to why someone felt the need to change wording etc.
  13. Ladies!!

    I think someone is tired, and needs to go to bed!!

    :D :D :D

  14. whilst on the subject of function tests

    some STAB cnut seemed to think there isn't 1 for the minimi.. and wouldnt let me say otherwise

    i got tought to c0ck weapon hold trigger and let the working parts forward under your motion

    was i right or was the stab b@stard right
  15. I'm sure thats just to "assist" the spring, so we dont fcuk up our ally weapons!

    Then again, its been a while since i even saw a Minimi, so i could be wrong, however, i'm sure there was a function test!