question requiring a truthful and unwitty response!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mind_Set, Dec 8, 2011.

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  1. hi, I will be having ADSC quite soon and I was wondering if 2 nails that have fallen is a deferral in the medical at ADSC
  2. You mean you've broken or had 2 nails fall off?
  3. depends why they have fallen off
  4. This is ARRSE. Truthfull and unwitty response !! First posit the problem in good English.
  5. Are you turning into a vampire or werewolf?
  6. they fell off through injury (football) It's happened before from football and it grew back after a while and is as good as new (big toe) also the toenails that have now fell off were not discoloured nor was there any pain,
  7. shouldn't be any dramas.
  8. Did you really need to post the original question?

  9. How the fuck do your nails fall off playing football? Do you have some wierd deficiency or something?? (apart from the 2 nails)
  10. where is the bad English in 'Truthful'? t'is the correct spelling
  11. the toenails that have fallen off are not the big toe, and well it becomes loose once studded regularly and eventually falls off :(
  12. He meant that your post was shit.

    Fucking diddums.
  13. Are you shitting me? I've played rugby all my life. Punched, stamped, raked, "studded", broken finger, broken nose, black eyes etc. Not once, ever, has a toe nail or finger nail for that matter, decided it's time to bug out.

    Are you one of those semi-translucent pastie kids that I used to pick on at school?
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  14. Odd that the threads with a demand for sensible or no piss taking end up with so much abuse on them. I wonder why that happens?
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  15. If you do a lot of walking/running, you can have nails come off; I've lost a couple that way, and I've heard of it happening to others. Alternatively, walk around the Nile Valley barefoot and watch them all fall off. Then you can come back and post another poorly-titled, semi-literate, fucking idiotic thread about it.

    Won't that be fun?
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