Question regarding Steroids.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Kencru11, Nov 2, 2009.

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  1. Hello,

    I have previously used steroids in my life, not so long ago. Around November 08, this certain steroid has a long detection time, I start my basic training on the 21st Febuary 2010. So therefore this substance would still be in my system, but as far as im aware drug use before joining is acceptable, as long as you dont use it while being in service.
    So im wondering if i join, they random drug test me, find steroids in my system, and kick me out?

    Any information would be appreciated, i was thinking about contacting my recruiting officer and speaking with him out it, informing him that steroids will be in my system, so if i do get tested they would know.
  2. as long as you have declared it, you should befine
  3. Yeah thanks, i will do this. Any other opinions? Is there any chance even if i do declare it, can they still refuse me/kick me out?
  4. Shouldnt affect you, as you have not taken it whilst serving
  5. Ah its nice to have someone confirm it. I was always under the impression that the policy on drugs only counts while in service. Cheers!
  6. CDT doesn't test for AAS anyway.
  7. They'll probably notice you've taken steroids when you 'cough and drop'....
  8. They do if the CO requests it!!
  9. A bloke in a blue red blue unit was kicked out this week I believe for being caught with steroids, I do believe however he was caught with them in the accomodation rather than caught out on CDT.
  10. Are you trying to say he has small balls?
  11. Like a couple of dried up raisins! :strong:

    As long as you declare it and you're not taking them now you should be fine.

    Good luck!
  12. Don't declare anything. I take it you were on Deca or Turinabol as part of your cycle for such a long detection time? As Lizard Lips says, you only get tested for AAS at the commanding officers discretion. Don't worry about it.