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Hey everyone

I'm going to be attending the AOSB in February. I'm pretty prepared (I can complete all of the necessary fitness requirements with some degree of ease, and I'm well prepared with regards to the other activities). However, I can knock out 38 press-ups in a row before having to stop for about 30 secs. Is this penalised? Are you allowed to do 20, stop for 30 secs or so and then do the other 24?

Could you provide some tips/exercises to help improve my number? I weight train every other day, and before my session I always do about 100 press-ups, but I seem to have hit a wall in my progression. Could I do a set much more slowly with lower reps (e.g. taking 5/6 secs to complete a single cycle.)

Thanks in advance

Do 39 one day, then 40 two days later with a day off in between. It sounds simple but its basically just going to help you get over any mental barriers you have. You should have no problem getting well over 60 if you keep training as well as doing this.
No problem at all in stopping. Most people find it easier to them in sets of 10 or 15, rest for a few seconds and then carry on.

To increase the number of reps, do them fast. Slow press ups will build muscle size but many, quick sets will improve endurance. Do your 100 press ups at the end of a session. Your shoulders will be screaming
I had a similar problem a while ago.

Stick 5 minutes on a timer, get into your pressup position, and only do a pressup every 20 seconds. Rest of the time just hold position with your arms straight.

Do that a few times over the course of a week, leaving rest days etc. then go back to trying your max again. Worked for me.

Well, something's helped. It could be the protein shake I started on last week, or it could be these new tips LOL, but I whacked out 44 in under a minute. I'm gonna work on making sure my form is perfect and improving that number so I don't struggle on the 44th.

Cheers guys, much appreciated.
...Press ups.....can anyone advise as to how to stop your wrists aching after each session ? This is the hardest part of the whole process, not arms aching. Position change ? ie : further out or more forwards than shoulders ?

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