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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Yokel, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. Are MPs still reqiured by law to reply to a missive sent to them by a constituent?
  2. A letter, yes. Unless you are Eric illsley, he probably ate mine.
  3. Probably not, although it is not unheard of for the odd MP to answer the occasional letter. Pressure of work permitting, of course. If you have a problem bring it up here, it will do you just as much good.
  4. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    phone him at the house of commons and see if he got it . I did this once and got straight to an MP, he wasn't the one I asked for but he was a front bencher . This showed me that all things are possible so i called the commons a few times over the years . This was in the 1990's.

    Have you turned up at his surgery ? please accept all mention of the male gender to include femail as well..... PC . innit .

    0207 219 4272
  5. I sent a letter in late October, no reply yet, however:

    a)Pointless getting a reply saying he'll write to the Minister concerned, as he is the Minister concerned.
    b)It takes about three montths (from experience) to get a reply - Christmas will increase that period.
    c)I asked some difficult questions.
    d)Apparently there are still meetings being held, and proposals being made, over this matter.

    I wrote, I posted it, and can't find an unposted letter in either rucksack. Hence - it got posted.
  6. I'm not sure they are required by law to respond to you but they usually do answer to their electors simply because if they get a bad reputation for not dealing with their constituents inquiries, they might not get elected next time. Write again pointing out you haven't had a response to your initial inquiry and would the MP care to respond to your second one. If you still don't get a reply, perhaps a letter to your local newspaper letters column asking if anybody else has any similar problems with their representative to parliament not responding to them might draw a response.
  7. Yokel,look at this.About half way down a paragraph about what can be done if your MP does not respond to a letter.I cannot see anything about a legal requirement to reply..Then again I have not read the whole site.

    WriteToThem - Questions and answers

    As an aside,would an email be appropriate?
  8. Don't know if it is law but is disrespectful of them not to reply.

    I have written to my MP several times (Darling, him of the dark eyebrows fame) and had a reply very quickly from his secretary saying he was looking into whatever. I have then recieved a follow up letter with a fuller reply (even if it was a load of bull and not written by him) but signed by him.

    Still never made me vote for him :)
  9. 'Don't know if it is law but is disrespectful of them not to reply.'

    Disrespectful - that's a quaint and old fashioned word! You are talking about people who screwed (in many cases) hundreds of thousands of pounds out of the taxpayer (i.e. the electorate) by flipping homes, overclaiming and just plain fraud. I think contempt would be a more apt word.
  10. I cant remember the MP although he was a tory, who along with labour and Lid dem MP wanted something acording to a newspaper (about what I also cant remember but it was on ARRSE and everyone was getting outraged about it). I sent him an email and he replied almost straight away (I posted his reply on ARRSE as his version wasnt quite the same as the newspapers link).
  11. I did forget to add "I look forward to hearing from you" but that shouldn't matter - should it?
  12. The Website 'Theyworkforyou' allows you to email your constituency MP (you can't 'charlie-charlie' all of them in one hit!) and it will be read. I emailed mine last week and had a reply within a day. (It said she was out of office!) Seriously though the website is well known and monitors the MP's closely. Loads of info on any MP you want to find out about.
    Worth a look.
  13. Ok - another thought. If a Minister recieved a letter dealing with quite specific details, would enquiries about those specific details get passed down the chain of command to the Subject Matter Experts?
  14. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Yes. I spent a lot of time once drafting just such replies.

    There are three 'levels' of official correspondence. Top are PQs - Parliamentary Questions - that are to be answered either in the House or in Hansard. These are taken VERY seriously indeed, and Ministers and their staff study the response closely. They can only be sigend off by a 1* equivalent, and are usually top priority wherever they go. Basically, after Op. matters, PQs are next in priority.

    Next comes MC - Ministerial Correspondence. Again,treated seriously. This is where an MP writes to a Minister, usually enclosing a letter from one of his constituents. These are responded to within strict timelines, and again Ministers don't like putting their names to nonsense, so SMEs are used to draft replies.

    Third are TOs - Treat Offical - where someone writes in to the MOD or Minister asking a quesiton. Responded to, again, without fail, by the SMEs, but usually in a 'form' way.

    So, write to your MP, asking him to raise a quesiton with a Minister - you'll be keeping lots of Civil Servants (and Staff Officers, who are pretty muc the same thing in Whitehall, Andover and Abbey Wood) gainfully employed :)

    Oh, and then there's FOI - don't bother, unless you are a Journo after a cheap story.
  15. My intention was the get Ministers to listen to the SO1/2 level experts....