Question regarding Medical Clearance

Hi guys,

I have a mild case of Vitiligo (skin pigment disorder that produces small white patches of skin due to the body not producing melanin) on my hands. Although this was not on the list of medical conditions barring entry, the list was not 'exhaustive'.

Is this likely to prohibit my entry to Sandhurst, should I be successful?

I know people who have Vitiligo who are currently serving but they are much older than me. Just wondering if med. clearance had changed in the lat 10 years?

Thanks in advance,


The reason they stop most skin conditions from joining is just in case the hard work, sweat, webbing rubbing on the body etc or contagiousness, dryness, flecking, blah affects you under their duty of care and/or others. For example if you're in the field rubbing vaseline on you all the time you're either about to have a great party or you're a liability.
Acne for example can be made worse from the kit/webbing.

I'm not familiar with that whiteness thing, but simply put, does it itch, do you need cream for it, will digging and muck make it worse or damage it further, can I catch it if we shake hands?

If the answer is no to all of them go ahead and apply, granted it's probably not an issue :)
I am attending main board in September so have been going through the recruitment process for the last 4/5 months. I also have a small patch of vitiligo, all declared with my gp and the army have done the medical checks and there are no problems.

The only skin conditions they tend to pick up on are severe acne or something that is contagious, obviously vitiligo is neither! Good luck with your application!

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