Question regarding Licence to occupy SFA


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Dunno if this is in the correct forum - apologies if not.

I recently received a visit from some civvy firm asking for entry to my quarter so they could carry out a survey. As I had received no prior notification of this they were told to 'jog on'. I then received a letter from the same firm saying they were acting on behalf of MHS. I rang the firm and explained that as both Mrs QM and myself were serving there is no scope to let them enter at the requested time at which point they got a snot on. I hung up. I have now got MHS going on at me about my licence to occupy etc. I have now got a hump on with MHS (again) and have made it clear that I will only allow entry to my quarter with one of their reps present. They are threatening to involve the CO. So where do I stand with these halfwits? Do I have to let people into the home I pay for without DE being present? Or am I ok giving them the tablet.
True however, MHS and yourself should be able to come to some agreement ref the timing of the visit and having someone to accompany them (be that you or a DE rep). You still have the right to protect your belongings contained in the licensed property.

I suspect if they did contact your CO he would call you up and tell you to be at the door and wait for said surveyors the same way that any civilian would do. Unless you are both out of the country on deployment then there is no reason why at least one of you can;t get a few hours off work to sort it out. Unles sof course you are one of 'them'!!


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No not one of them ;)

Just want to mess MHS around a bit but stay on the right side of the system if you know what I mean.

Have still to recieve resolution to a complaint (stage 3) posted to them nearly 4 months ago and don't see why I should co-operate with them when they refuse to abide by their own 'rules'.
Qman....i have been in personal contact with the senior officer at the top of the DE food chain after waiting for nearly 18 months for a job! And, guess what i'm still waiting...although there does seem to be some progress.

Ref allowing contractors in i'm afraid you'll have to do it, with or without a MHS rep...besides, what difference does it make whether they're there?

Regarding informing your CO, i'd tell them very sharply to KNOB OFF...WTF has this got to do with the CoC?

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