Question regarding infantry accomidation in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Belfastlad, Jun 4, 2012.

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  1. From what i have researched, there are 3 main types of accomidation, MOBs, FOBs and PBs. Can anyone give me a rough estimation to the time i will be living at each type, for a typical 6 month tour. I'm planing to join the infantry if that helps.
  2. They are not accommodation, if you're not in now then you're unlikely to see any of them.
  3. Yeah by the time you start proper training, it will already be sometime in 2013. There's a very slim chance if you enter the ranks that a tour of Afghan will come around. You never know though, your battalion might be on the final HERRICK in 2014 (If that deadline is actually reached).
  4. Ok, but just out of general interest could you tell me as a infantry soldier the time spent in each one.
  5. A good soldier or a biff?

    No, really you will spend exactly 7.38 days in any location, if you're there for more you are entitled to compensation. Mention this to your recruiter just to set him straight. they also can't shout at you or call you names.

    Mind you, I'd have you running on the spot whilst screaming obscenities at you one millimeter from your face until you died.
  6. No problem mate, i would tell my mum if they did.
  7. If I book a MOB in the off peak season and an FOB becomes available through a cancellation will they give me a free upgrade?
  8. From the research i collected before making the post, i believe it is more collecting points on your card type system.
  9. I used to accept bookings on the grounds that there would be cancellations, too often some keen types would book an FOB and then change their minds. There were also the time wasters who booked and then got blown up, these short notice vacancies could be resold or even given away.
  10. I jolly well hope you kept the deposit.
  11. And all the kit the lazy scoundrel left with me.
  12. Now that we are all best friends, could someone actually answer the question?
  13. Don't expect anything. The best you can probably hope for is a camp cot and a mozzy net. If you expect to have **** all, anything else is a bonus.

    Unless you're a shit soldier, in which case you'll get a nice 6 monther in Bastion, with all the mod cons, where you can't do any damage.

  14. Yes and No, it rather depends on what you specific job is, what you sub ubnt task is, what you unit task is, where your unit is deployed and what time of year you are deployed. If you can help out bhy identifying which unit you plan to join, once you have succesffuly completed training etc etc then perhaps we can help out with the rest.

    Fact is that you rather go where you are sent, It is not a democracy. May not be fair but no-one said it would be.
  15. Why are you worrying about afghan??? Just worry about passing out of basic training or even starting training, you've a long way to go!