Question regarding fancy dress party

Been invite to a bird's birthday party. No dramas there. However it a superhero themed fancy dress one and I haven't a clue what to go as. Any suggestions please?


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Dye your pubes black. Put on black gloves and black socks. Arrive naked and claim that you are the 5 of Spades.
Get a cape, doesn't matter what colour, some tights and a t-shirt. Print powerpoint slide saying "C UNT BOY" and attach it to front of t-shirt. A cheap mask across the eyes will add to the the effect.

Totally shite outfit but will test the mettle of the more delicate souls at the do


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SAS Beret, Blazer,Badge and Tie stick some medals on your chest and go as super SAS Hero Roger Day
Web belt 2 mess tins hanging off front and rear 1 times poncho or gas cape, and you have mess tin man revived. if necessary trainers or sandals may be worn.
Find the biggest potato tht you can. make a massive chip, put it on your shoulder. Then borrow your Grans tartan travel rug and make it into a skirt.

hey presto.

You're a Scotsman during the world cup.

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