Question regarding citizenship

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by RoyalEngineers, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. In my group there's a guy, in cadets, fairly succesful and one of these guys that says a few things he knows to impress the instructors or something, and kind of orders people about a little, automaticly taking the "leader" role (although it's good cause we kinda need a leader, it can get a little irritating).. anyway /end life story.

    We were having a discussion about citizenship, and this guy says all proudly that he's Irish with an Irish passport, born in Ireland, not NI.. then the college tutor said you'll probably not be able to join the British Army.. kinda shut him up but I don't think he's even applied for British Citizenship even though he is practicly English, sounding, etc. just proud of his roots?

    So what are the rules on it, will he be able to join etc?

    (This is for my personal knowledge, and to confirm whether he will be joining the British army as he wishes)
    (too soon anyway)
  2. Yeah you can get in if you are from the Irish republic.
  3. I can confirm the above although do we want yet another gobby Paddy? :D
  4. Ahh that knocks that one on the head then.

    What treatment do you think he'd recieve if he went in like believing he had a headstart on everyone else, and acting upon this?
  5. Related to citizenship but not directly to this strand – can a Commonwealth soldier serving in the British Army claim back any of the £650 his UK naturalization cost?
  6. When down at Pirbright a few days ago and Bisley a few months ago, I made freinds wiht the NI, and they don't seem too keen on the Irish. They also get very wound up if you call them Irish. But like they were saying that would be like calling an English man scottish. But it would be best for that lad to shut up about been Irish around the Northen Irish unless he thinks he can fend them off.
  7. No he/she cant
    Had the same argument about my wifes citizenship fees and was reliable informed Commonwealth soldiers cannot claim back any costs (that was my arguement)