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I hope this isn't a bone question - I can't find any other posts asking this.

Basically, I now have my attestation papers and due to start basic in 8 weeks. At the minute, I'm working as a Systems Engineer for a bank and my manager has asked that I give at least 6 weeks notice in order that they can employ and train a replacement.

I'm thinking about handing in my notice now, which gives them 8 weeks notice, and is probably about the time it would take to train someone up to a sufficient level to replace me; however, my only concern is if something happens to cause my placement to be dropped.

Is there anything further in the recruitment process other than attestation?
What other processes are happening in the background that could cause problems?
Would I be ok handing in my notice now, safe in the knowledge I have a job in the Army?

Personally, I can't see anything going wrong, but you never know.


Keep your job until the day before you leave then just walk out the door. At the end of the day they're civvies and worthless. Fcuk 'em. Enjoy your new life in green.
I agree with Geordie_Blerk.
Unless your boss is a mate of yours, **** em off. lol

But even though he's asked you give 6 weeks.I'm pretty sure you only have to give them 4 weeks anyway. If you really want, wait 4 weeks then hand it in. Then you only have 4 weeks to work. Because maybe if there is a change in your date you would probly find out by then.

Or hand it in so you have a week to yourself before your date. Don't forget to use up any holidays you might have aswell, use them as part of your notice period. That's what I plan to do.
Why not give 6 weeks notice? You've got your phase 1 date. Even if you get discharged at phase 1 or otherwise, you would have already quit your job.

Logic says you should show some work ethic and leave under amicable conditions. It is nonsense to say **** the civvies. Who do you think is going to employ you when you leave the army?

Judging by the preceding posts, it really is difficult to find good workers these days...
DeeBee said:
But even though he's asked you give 6 weeks.I'm pretty sure you only have to give them 4 weeks anyway. If you really want, wait 4 weeks then hand it in. Then you only have 4 weeks to work. Because maybe if there is a change in your date you would probly find out by then.
What are the chances of this happening? <-- Serious question.

Scabster_Mooch - I absolutely agree with you, in regards work ethic and leaving under amicable conditions. It's important to maintain a strong network of work colleagues, business contacts and friends, as you never know when you may need them again.

So, is there anything else that could result in being dropped at this stage?
After giving your full notice and if by chance the date does move ask your employer for an extension. It may suit both parties.

Working your full notice keeps you in their good books should anything happen to make you not finish basic and need a reference for re-employment and you will also have your P45 etc.

Dont worry and try to 2nd guess everything. You have your dates go by them.

Good luck.
In my firm we have 45 staff, if one of them was off to the Army, or any service, we would support them, and applaud their commitment to look after us all.

I am sure no one wants to think new recruits to the army are a bunch of Arrses who dont give a furk about the rest of the civilian world, it is a matter of respect and maturity.

We respect our forces, and I am sure that all Army ranks would wish to be thought of highly, and that a new recruit is respectful, and honourable.

Give them notice, discuss what you are doing, and ask for support, be open and honest, it pays in the end.
I guess what I'm really asking is, between passing selection and starting phase 1, is there anything I need to worry about?
Just keep fit and injury free.
They're the only things on my mind.
My work are actually quite supportive of it, a lot of the managers, and one of the directors are ex service, so they have been quite good for advice and also the support.

Im basically keeping a select few at work updated on my progress, and if/when i get my dates for starting basic, im going to hand my notice in to give me two weeks off from work before i start basic. I have to give 1 months notice, but they have said that i can use a few of my holidays to sorta trade off and finish earlier.
i wouldnt walk out of the job,
i presume you have contract, read it and hand your notice in corresponding to that. if you just walk they could with hold any pay and holidays owed due to breach of contract!! do you want that?

dont worry about anything, if youve recieved your date jsut stay fit and injury free and look forward to your new career
niner_domestic - Ouch, I feel sorry for him.

I'm a safe driver, as I rely on my driving license for my work, though it is someone for ALL of us to keep in mind.
ive been told to give 2 months notice! handing it in tommorow!

i havnt recieved any paperwork though?? when do you normally recieve this?
private---pile. 2 months is a long time for working your notice. Have you actually been told it's that long, or is it something your employer has asked?

Then again I know notice periods differ based on your position and time with the company. If you don't mind staying, you might aswell work it, atleast you'll know your gettng paid at the end of it. Have a look in your staff handbook just in case.

My managers been great with helping me out. He doesn't want me to leave, but he's still gave me time off to go to see my recruiter, GP and to go to pre selection. So long as I keep him informed and let him know about possible time/days off he'll help me out. Although he did say he hoped I get deffered for a Heart Murmur, so I'd be at work longer...
Do not burn bridges. Ever.


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