Question ref tube vent electric

Discussion in 'RAC' started by spotter1, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. could anyone please tell me what these adapted tube vents are for ,,they have been cut down and had a bulb fitted..

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  2. I can only assume that the vent tube has a light bulb fitted so you can test the voltage getting to it, in case of a firing fault.

    The same way we used to make test lamps for the AFV smoke tubes.
  3. By my recollection, spot on!
  4. Screwdriver and bulb was all that was needed, but I suppose the firing circuit tester tester practised a part of the misfire drill.
  5. Thank you for the fast replys everyone
  6. Or just put your mitt's near the Terminal Block and feel the clunk!
  7. Main thing I remember about vent tubes is the call of "RAMMER OUT" which meant that I'd be losing more skin off my fingers...
  8. Some people are more professional than that ;)
  9. Or an Sqn Ldr's crew who shall remain nameless on BATUS, not waiting 30 mins* and just pulled the holder out to find a smoking vent tube. The penny dropped. The loader just managed to shove it back in, turn and click it into place before . . Boom! . . the slowly burning bag-charge decided to initiate. Cost the loader a shit load of beer and a very bruised arm when the breech block hit him before he could move out the way.

    Can't totally recall the correct drill, but the theme is he pulled out a fired vent tube when he shouldn't have.
  10. As you know some Regiments used to make new Officers do a bit of time as an Operator before they commanded anything. It was part of the puppy-training process I imagine.

    Cue the young 2LtPlume in the left hand side of the turret with a stoppage on the co-ax. "Stoppage, wait 15 minutes!" I cried.

    "Don't be a ******* pouff, Sir, get it cleared!" shouted the SSgt Commander.

    I lifted the top cover of the GPMG just as the round exploded & got a face & eyes full of brass case for my trouble. I never messed around with stoppages again...
  11. On MISFIRE from the Gnr the Cmdr would take a glance at the FNA and see what the indicator was saying...............In - no Vent Tube Ldr sticks another one on..............Out - there's one on there but now wait 30 mins to see if it's fired or not! In the meantime sit back and have a brew/beer!
  12. ... Until you spot your Op/Ldr 'surreptitiously' comparing number of charges to number of rounds in stowage and failing to reconcile the numbers.
  13. Had similar device on Cents,circuit tester as previously mentioned.Yes,I know,just wanted to get in on the act.
  14. Cheers I knew it something like that. I was never grown-up enough to be let out the gunners seat, and my loading experience revolved around hungover days at Catterick and massive hangover days at Warcop :)