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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by michael3429, Sep 28, 2010.

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  1. Good day all,

    I have a quick question reference termination

    on a recent MCM div brief we were told that you can not get out of the Army in 2 months when submitting your notice.
    I was wondering if the right people did the buisness and it was agreed would i beable to get out in 3 weeks. there is so much talk of over manning etc at the moment and been warned that people could be terminated etc etc maybe i would be doing someone a favour

    many thanks in advance
  2. If you fill in the correct Paperwork (there is a DIN if you search JPA) and as long as your CoC agre ie you are not in a pinch point or protected trade then yes you can get out in 2 months. Also depending on time-served personal circs and having employment lined up you can get out even quicker.
  3. I bet you weren't told anything by "MCM Div" as MCM Divs haven't existed since January 2008 - I think you were probably briefed by your cap-badge Soldier Wing of the MS Soldier Branch (ie Combat, Combat Support or Combat Service Support) from APC.

    If you have already submitted your 12 months NTT then you can apply through your CoC for Early Release. In order to achieve early release you must have a written job offer or place at Uni with a specific start date. Your CO then writes to APC stating that he/she supports your early release and accepts that he/she will have to stand the gap between your release date and the date that you would have been discharged under your original NTT date. APC then forwards this to DM(A) who will either grant or deny your application - if they do grant early release then you will not be entitled to any resettlement or terminal leave. Points to note are that you must have already given notice, you must have that written job/uni offer with specified start date and your CO must be content to stand the gap. In my time at APC every application that we submitted through INT CORPS Soldier Wing (MS Combat Support Branch) was supported by DM(A) because we all (ie the soldier, his/her CoC and me) followed the correct procedure, and we even managed to get one soldier out in 48 hours flash to bang. You should remember though that you do not have the absolute right to achieve early release; beware the barrack room lawyers who will tell you that "the army pays you in arrears so you are entitled to leave at anytime because the army owes you a month's pay" - they are talking shite and will make you look like a dick-head if you start quoting it to your CoC. Moral of the story is do it properly, be polite, be patient and be flexible. If you bang the table and make an arse of yourself then nobody will be in a hurry to help you out.

  4. Now you see Fox, I was trying to make him work for his info and in you come with the DS solution, the children will never learn if you spoon feed them; give an man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for life, and now I have run out of metaphors I will go to work :)
  5. I know, baby-sitting the kids is one of my many faults. (This is not an invitation to all the INT CORPS arrsers to start a new thread with all my faults by the way).

  6. What happens if you have used some of your resettlement? say you get a job offer with 4 months left to serve in your last year?
  7. They can't get it back off you if you have already used it. DM(A)'s point when saying that you lose your entitlement to GRT and terminal leave is undoubtedly that in today's litigious society, some people will be granted early release and then get a solicitor to retrospectively claim that they left the army but didn't have the opportunity to take their GRT and did not get any terminal leave. Then they will have the neck to ask for 4 months worth of back-pay and full resttlement grant to make up for it. Call me cynical, but you just know that somebody would try it, although somebody probably did try it which is why DM(A) include that statement in their letter of authority.
  8. Many thanks for the infomation fella's.

    Served 9 years and think i will be calling it time very soon, i had an oppotunity for the ideal job but was needed to be out the Army within 1 month, after speaking to my boss all she told me what the DS answer is and i could be out within 2 months. But if i did take the jump and accepted the job and got it all in black and white maybe things could move faster
  9. In 2008, I resigned and was out in 7 weeks. I had a firm job offer, in writing, and a fixed start date. I agreed to forego resettlement, which really wasn't an issue, but still got 4 weeks termination leave.

    Je ne regret rien. (Or similar, allowing for linguistic ineptitude)
  10. with a trade restriction is it still possible to apply for early termination after signing off (final 12 months part of trade restriction)
  11. Whilst counting down the days to my leaving one of our Reccy Mechs was offered a job back where he lived and the chap was out in the space of around six weeks I do believe.
  12. what if the final 12 months counts as part of trade restriction, do you have any idea if it's still possible to get out early?
  13. This one is perhaps more fitting; "Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life."
  14. guys im due to leave in sept 11, i have a job offer now in writing waiting for my CoC to approve, the company that want to employ me are wanting me to start on the 9th may 11 (so 3 weeks time), what do you think the scope is for getting out in this gap, bearing in mind that the regt and Glasgow will be doing one on Easter leave at the end of next week. cheers
  15. Your best bet is waiting on what the COC say, if they are not a group of penises I would imagine you will be allowed to go.