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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by papegojan, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. Sorry to intrude on the seniors forum, I am only an instructor in the ACF but I have questions regarding uniform that I think would be best answered here.
    1. Where should the badge of rank for sergeant major (SMI) be worn on no2 dress ie how far between elbow and cuff
    2. Do sergeants major wear different shirt and ties in no2 dress to SNCO's.

    I use the term sergeant major as there are no Warrant Officers in the ACF.
    Thankyou in advance for any help/advice.
  2. you should have put S.M.I, not sergeany major
  3. Each Regiment or Corps has it's own idiosyncrasies when it comes to the wearing of uniform. Your best bet is to politely ask on the forum which covers your parent "badged" unit.

    Or let people know what that is.

    The badges are generally worn fairly high up the sleeve though.

    An example

    In most Units a WO2 would wear the same tie and Number 2 dress shirt as the Jnco's, however some wear Officer Pattern ties and shirts from WO2, others wear officer Pattern Service Dress etc at WO1.
  4. In my unit CSMs or WOII's wear exactly the same uniform as seniors. Only the RSM has a different uniform. The badge goes on the forearm, simple as! There's not many about to tell you otherwise if you're a sergeant major!
  5. I concur with apfsdsdu
  6. As above, each unit/branch/corps do things differently. Go to your parent unit and look in corps memorandum for dress details. Or a good bet is, ask a tailoring company like Uniformal for advice over the phone.

    At a guess, 2 x badge’s QMSI type on the forearms (one on each, midway) the shirt and tie are the same unless you are a WO1 when you use officer’s service dress shirt with silk tie.
  7. Questions answered. Thanks for the help.
  8. Reference the shirt & tie, that is also down to individual units. When I was with the QRIH/QRH all seniors wore a "uniformal" shirt & light coloured tie.