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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by taylor, Aug 30, 2011.

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  1. APWT Marksman, or was in my day. You got awarded the badge then quietly told don't bother sewing it on as you will look a berk, I have a load of them somewhere.
  2. What do you mean told not to sew it on...sorry if that sounds like a daft question, but I thought if you earnt it you can wear it with pride...
  3. Never really sure, never saw a set on No2's or, No1's outside training reg.
  4. I was expecting something about lanyards. Thankfully it is not.

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  5. If you qualify at RMAS for the sharpshooter the Company Staff ensure that you wear it & the College tailor sews it on. Unless things have changed - we didn't get a choice.
  6. do you have to continually re-qualify each year?
  7. In ATRs and units it isn't really done because you have to re-qualify within 12 months to keep it on, and IIRC you will have to re-qual moving from ATR to Phase 2/ph 2 to unit... hence it is just a pain the arrse to sew it on ad take it off. I've never seen them worn in a unit.

    Harrogate (as was) used to put them on too, but the course was 2 years long.

    The real question is, why has he got a rifle, and all the rest swords? Is he right marker or somehing?
  8. Yes it is awarded after each APWT, but most units won't bother issuing the badge or if they do it is chucked in the top box with the other gash.
  9. Probably slightly less of a pain in the arse in Granny instructs one of her little helpers to do the sewing for you.
  10. He would appear to have been promoted to the Cadet Government as a Cadet Sergeant (red sash) and therefore as an 'NCO' would not carry a sword?

    He is on parade next to the Junior Under Officer (gold trim on epaulette).

    If he was Right Marker, he ought not to have his 'head'n'eyes' over, surely?

    Re. the crossed rifles: In 'my day', a marksman's pass at APWT gained you Crossed Rifles to display ones prowess in Musketry - worn by Other Ranks on their sleeve. Question: my memory dims, but did Instructors wear them above their rank?

    ps Why is this thread entitled 'RE Uniform'?
  11. I saw it on his uniform, so it technically is to do with that! :)
  12. Ahhh! RE as in reference, not RE as in Royal Engineers!
  13. yeah :) Sorry for the confusion!
  14. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    The crossed rifles denote different things dependent on where they are placed on the uniform. Sewn above the rank chevrons denotes that the NCO is a Skill At Arms Instructor.