Question re training areas in Colchester and hills.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by messym, Nov 15, 2005.

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  1. Hello,

    I am rejoining the TA (ducks from incoming torrent of abuse) and have started my fitness training. Can anyone recommend a nasty bastard hill in the Colchester area where I can run endlessly up and down a hill?
  2. The easy reply is that there are virtually none!

    If you wish to keep your anonimity and train on the military training area ( size of a tablemat) there is a metalled track near Berechurch road. This leads to a very small saddle approx 150m long. This feature is okay for hillreps etc but not too awe inspiring for a long hard tab.

    The main civilian carriageway into Colchester has a fairly steep incline but it's fairly busy with civilian, squaddie hating dross whom in all honesty would probably abuse you if you were in rig and a bergen.

    Colchester and it's environs are not renouned for their Peny- Fan type hills.

    They are however, renouned for Nova driving, chav-tastic, single chromosome, gobby f*ckwits who get all tearfull when you stick a screwdriver into their pit bulls.
  3. And that's just the Paras :D
  4. Thre's a couple of "slopes in and around a place called Friday woods...

    There's a vally that runs through it and I did notice some inclines when i last did an Orienteering event there....

    Apart from that, try a place a few miles down the A12 called Little Baddow/Danbury and Lingwood Common and the Heather Hills.... Again not long but VERY steep in places.

    Let me know if you find anything? I Live in Essex, doing P-coy and need all the help i can get!

    Good Luck

    PM me if you want grids/routes etc........
  5. Stay out of Dogshite Woods and get yourself to Brecon ...

    ... hills in Colchester ... whatever next ?!
  6. Good god, I thought it was just me who called it "Dogshit Woods"

    Remember lots of puddles and doogy doo but no hills
  7. can any paras or paras undergoing training right now tell me about their selection and training and what level of fitness i should come to

    is the insight course any good aswell cos im thinking of doing that!
  8. dont matter how fit you are when you turn up on day 1 you will still be blowing out your hoop :lol:

    but seriously get yourself a training partner who can take you out your comfort zone, as 2 many joes jack as they have never experienced training outside there comfort zone