question re: surveillance & investigation courses

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by confused, Jul 22, 2008.

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  1. Does anybody know of, or have done a surveillance course with an ELC approved company that they could recommend to me?

    I have looked the the ELCAS providers list, but it only came up with ISS in Hereford. However, I have seen another advertised with an impressive web page, but I have lost the details. What a great start this is!

    Cheers then!
  2. There is a firm in Pateley Bridge just outside Harrogate, I will look through my paperwork and send you the details.
  3. Thankyou.
  4. Thanks Parasigs you beat me to it!
  5. just spotted this thread, try they do a range of courses from investigation to close protection
  6. Thanks for the links guys, have narrowed my choices down to 2. Iss and Conquest, both based in Hereford. If anyone has done a surveillance course with either of these companies, please send some feedback.

    Thanks again.
  7. ISS in Hereford? I know ISS in Pately Bridge/Harrogate is the the doggies danglies when it comes to this field. Not saying ISS in Hereford isnt just dont get the two confused.
  8. Pete Jenkins course in North Yorks is excellent. Did it last year, a good mix of Military and Civvies well recognised throughout the industry.
  9. I would also suggest ISS in Harogate. Peter Jenkins comes highly recommended. You could also consider Edelweiss tactical as ISS is partnered with them and do a tactical surveillance course in Zürich. I am booked on the October course so will gladly let you know how that goes if that is of any assistance for you.

    As another had said is a good resource of information (I am a moderator for the forum but even without that I would still recommend that site for networking and information) and Peter posts on that forum so you can get hold of him there.

    If you are thinking purely UK based surveillance work then do the course in Harrogate, if you want a combined CP, HECPO type course then Edelweiss is the best route.

    If you want something tailored to your needs then talk to Morrigan Solutions in Serbia as they do bespoke courses and affordable rates and the beer is cheap there too!
  10. Thanks to all for the information. Another question for you.

    before I go down the line of surveillance work, what kind of salary would I be looking at for working only in the UK? Is it a full time job or mainly contracted work?
  11. Salary depends on a variety of factors mate:

    1. How many operators required for the job?
    2. Type of work (ie Matrimonial, Industrial Espionage, Insurance Fraud)
    3. Surveillance period (ie: Round the clock surveillance or just an hour to follow a subject home from work
    4: Specialist kit used (ie: video camera, covert worn body camera, bugging equipment etc)

    You then have to take into account costs of a surveillance vehicle, fuel, tapes for the camera etc.

    I never dealt with the financial side of things and was always just paid a salary, but Id expect the hourly rate to be around £50 including expenses.
  12. Well maybe I have been working for the wrong people but I have been doing surveillance (occasionally matrimonial, but mainly insurance/corporate) in one way or another since 1999 - both here and in the USA - and have yet to see £50 an hour..... Hell if anyone wants to pay me £50 an hour, get in touch.

    But to answer the original poster - it is one of those fields where you tend to be self-employed rather that on strength, full time with an employer. There are some firms that do go the "full time" employment route, but they seem to treat staff as indentured slaves and so I would say you're best with the self-employed route.

    In theory I can work for whoever, whenever - but I spend 90-95% of my time working for the one firm, which is entirely insurance/corporate work. But on very odd occasions I do the odd matrimonial case for a firm I used to work for.

    It all works out ok cashwise, am on the plus side of comfortable and I like the flexibility - although if this forecast recession really bites I may have a different view of things.
  13. So is it really worth me spending 2 1/2 grand on surveillance courses? Or should I look at something else to do?

    I had the feeling that it would be interesting work to do and probably pay well. maybe if it is in conjunction with a fraud investigator role the salary would be better.
  14. Well I wasn't saying it isn't an okay job/line of work, just that I don't have people throwing £50 an hour at me. That said, I basically do all my work for the one firm that deals with insurance/injury/compensation fraud (one of the UK's biggest & best in this industry) - so it is kind of like them "buying in bulk". I am not on £50/hr but I am certain to have 4 or 5 full days work every week.

    If I was to set up more on my own, tout for own business, go round solicitors offices, local companies etc - thus dealing direct with the client - then I am sure I could up my fees but would have more hassle and possibly a drop in workload.
    The former option keeps me in a comfortable lifestyle and I have little hassles - I work when I want to work, and can make up my own schedule to suit etc. There are very few jobs I have to cover on a specific date or day - aslong as I turn them round and report back within a month, I am left on my own. {There is the rub though - 1-man surveillance is not easy, and can be boring at times - have to take the rough with the smooth. Most other firms - if not all - will have you working in a team of 2 at least}.

    Cant comment on the cost of the course as I never did one - I learned 'on the job' in the US when I lived over there, and so had experience when I came back to UK and went straight into work; initially matrimonial/custody cases, then I changed to this insurance/corporate firm. {Matrimonial work sucks - unsocial hours, short notice and a pain in the ass, to be frank}.
    Although with the SIA now fannying around with P.I work I will have to do some formal course as they are not 'grandfathering' in any rights for people that already have X years experience within the trade.