Question re Newcastle TA etc ?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Goatman, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Bloke I know, who knows a bloke etc etc was at a closed meeting in Lahndon today, at which a Defence Minister* was telling the fraternal comrades all about the blood sweat and tears which all Departments can look forward to over the next few years.....morale boosting stuff.

    One of the points Our Min allegedly threw in was

    ' It's not all about money...the military needs to take a hard look at how it organises itself...why for instance , in Newcastle alone ,are there 9 separate Reserve units, including the RNR? '

    Cue rather overloud stage whisper of 'B0ll0cks!' from the back of the hall.

    Over to you Geordie/Maccam Stabs? Sounds like rubbish to me - but who knows?

    Could Hizzoner be correct? I think we should be told.....

    * Well, ALL our Ministers come from oop Norf innit tho ?
  2. Sounds about right: armyjobs site lists 7 TA units, and then there's also the Marines and RNR.
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. What's the problem with 9 separate TA units? I'd be concerned if there were 9 similar TA units.

    Sounds like the Defence Minister needs to be informed as to what constitutes an army.
  5. This goes back to the Idea of one larger facility rather than 8 Small ones I think
  6. But that would be akin to suggesting that all TA units in the Greater London area should relocate to the HAC Grounds. I'm sure that the grassy bit in the middle would accommodate all the vehicles. It'd just be a shame that there wouldn't be enough people to drive them.
  7. Dead right, next step rationalise the estate, sell off the family silver, and hey presto Super TA centres!!!

    Methinks the spadework for such could well be under way, why else would anybody in the capital have the faintest idea where Newcastle is, let alone how many TA units it supports!
  8. While were at it, why don't we go the whole hog and merge everyone into one mega infantry regiment. That ought to reduce the need for all that real estate.
  9. But what to we do with RNR Tyne? they will still need somewhere to park their boats, senior service don't you know!
  10. Well, have one giant TA centre, and have a drill night at different days of the week...Easy! Though of course training weekends will get difficult...trying to get all them trucks out at he same time....convoys getting confused.....people forgetting what regiment they are in etc etc.

  11. There is of course a serious side to this, how many of us reside in large under utilised TACs, that in the civilian world in which we work would long ago have been rationalised?

    It is right and proper that consideration should be given to the estate, its size, and how it is managed, done with some thought (unlikely I know) it could even prove a good move, especially if TACs are invested in and made fit for purpose.
  12. Jerrycans Plan, This is akin to my other cost saving idea in another thread, 1 Rifle for 2 Soldiers.

    TAC's will hold 4 Units, The TAC will have one Armoury, 1 MT/LAD with the appropriate Staff, 1 Set of Permanent Staff EG. PSI's,PSAO's with specialist instructors attached where needed.

    Each unit will have a different parade night, and as there is usual 4 weekends in a month each unit gets one weekend a month.

    Transport will be shared, Units such as the logistics or Yeomanry which normally have more than bedfords and landrovers will pretend that they are in their vehicles. The RMP (V) Will be issued with Blue lights to attach to the coolest vehicle they can lay their mitts on and will be allowed to stop any commandeer any TA vehicle that is better than the one they have and are relevantly licensed for. Commanding Officers however have the right to retain their vehicles.

    The Soldiers of each unit will have their own rifle however it will be shared with 3 soldiers 1 from the TACs other units, Effort will be made to ensure that soldiers with similar Colminator reads share a rifle to avoid zeroing issues. Webbing will be shared between people of a similar size and stature. One mess tin from each pair will be sold for scrap metal. Knifes and Forks will also be sold for scrap as you only really need a spoon anyway.

    The Rifle sharing however in accordance with my previous Jerry Directive will be reduced to 1 Rifle shared between 2 soldiers in each Unit Reference 1 Rifle 2 Soldiers if required.

    Ammunition will be substituted for an infinite supply of Rifle 5.56 Cadet Variant. Which only works when you shout loudly the word BANG!

    Bayonets will in the future be scrapped and a roll of black maskers issued to each unit.

    In the event that a bayonet is needed soldiers will gaff tape their spoons to their rifles and hope the enemy has not played knifey spooney before.

    In the event that the soldier has lost his or her spoon a replacement spoon can be purchased at the soldiers own expense.
  13. Happy up to the bit where I share my rifle, it's mine OK, mine!!!!
  14. Of course its yours but you have to share! (I know it sounds communist but this can work)
  15. Do we have a rifle substitute for days when I am sharing?
    I am thinking GMPG or something half decent to take to the range.

    Ranges, ah yes I remember them well happy days, soldiers getting paid, ammunition to shoot with, MATT level 2 etc , never mind back to normal come April!!!!!!!!!!!!!