What's the actual situation regarding the ACOG?

Is it replacement for the SUSAT? An additional sight to choose from?

I've been told it's a perm. replacement and that it's just temporary till 2011.

Could anyone shed any light?
why should the ACF worry?

you won't get SUSATs when the Army ditch them, no matter what you might like to think.

I've been told it's a perm. replacement and that it's just temporary till 2011.

so it's permanent but temporary til 2011... huh?
no it's not, this is the QM and Clothing forum.
ok found it, on another forum altogether.

so your good little plan was to go back there pretending you know it all because somebody said so on ARRSE.

well OK... all British troops are scheduled to be issued with laser guns that don't need sights because they automatically shoot the taliban.

there you go.

now get back to school.
BevisRory said:
The reason I'm asking is because of an argument on the ACF forum!
You mean THIS thread?....

(yes,I am that 'spike7451' 6n there too!)

This one's a gem!...

One of the guys at my unit's civi job is as an armourer for the regiment. He often goes to Afghan for a few weeks at the drop of a hat, and get's up to some secretive stuff. He trialled the GMG and a number of weapon systems for Jackal. He's quite a handy guy to have at our unit, and he's always helping us out with weapons stuff aswel as always being in the know on the very latest weaponry info. A couple of months back he brought the portable trainer for the new Commander controlled weaponry from inside the vehicle (I forget it's name, but the training simulation is like a mini, portable CAT trainer).
Anyway, he mentioned last year that all of the Army's SUSATs are being replaced by ACOG, all SA80 hand guards are being replaced by picitini handrails, and every soldier will from now on (On ops atleast), be issued a pistol, as well as his IW. These are all changes which are currently taking shape in theatre. Once the demands have been sufficiently fulfilled in Afghanistan, I've no doubt all units in the UK will see these changes too, and in time, Training regiments will aswel. However knowing our Army, that'll be atleast 2040.
dont mock him (poster of that 'gem'). he's a PTI and will throw all his toys out of the pram.

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