Question on wheel clamping

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by FredWest, Nov 17, 2010.

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  1. The other half was clamped today (lovely), got the phonecall at work and shot over to assist.

    She was parked behind some shops, where there is an Argos, and we have regularly used the car park to use Argos.

    Got to where the car was, she was parked in a bay (no real obvious signs), one was at the other end of the parking area and the other is about 10 foot high attached to a wall that you wouldn't automatically look at on your way out of the car park.

    Other half goes to Argos, comes back approx 10 minutes later (receipt is timed 1009hrs, clamped at 1010hrs), her car is blocked in by a white van, and one guy is hunched by the front right wheel fitting the clamp, the other guy who is with him is taking photos, and fixing the notice to the windscreen.

    Now I have a few issues with this, when I arrived they'd gone, about spoke to the other half and got the tale.

    Aprox 10 minutes later they turn back up again, the guy who put the clamp on gets out of the vehicle, the other stays inside. After a few minutes of futile conversation with the useless cow on the other end of the phone, I pay.

    Whilst paying, I took note of the guy's SIA Licence Number, asked the other guy, what his was, and was told two things, A; He was only out for the ride, and B; He was a "TRAINEE", this totally smells like shite.

    Whilst the first guy was taking the clamp off, I took some photos of the van with lardy in, he tried covering his face, but I got a couple of half decent shots.

    My first issue is the signage, as stated on various websites all signs must be clearly sited, in my opinion their sign is not. Second issue, on the wall in front of the cars are some little signs saying "NO PARKING FOR ARGO CUSTOMERS", now this can be seen two ways, the way of the women, which the other half interpreted as NO PARKING, this is for ARGOS CUSTOMERS, but obviously there is no comma after the NO PARKING, signage there very confusing to those not in the know of grammatical errors.

    Obviously I'm going to throw all I have at this, it may be a dead cause because they already have the £125, but I'm thinking that guy no 2 should be registered with SIA as he had interaction with the vehicle.

    Advice please Ladies and Gents.


  2. Try here
    They have a lot of people into this stuff.
  3. Thanks very much.
  4. Again, but sober please?
  5. Reporting Illegal Activity

    Please report the use of the unlicensed clamper. I believe the SIA do take action but only after they receive a certain number of complaints about a specific company.
  6. Not sure if I have a valid excuse on the unlicensed guy,as he didn't put the Clamp on, only the sticker and took the photos, however, he was the one who verbally interacted with the other half.

    This is where the CCTV footage comes in.
  7. I think the OP has had it! You'll never get your money back these people are scum and nothing better than criminals in my view. I can't beleive how they treat Women! They prey on vulnerable people. I'll bet you wouldn't have been clamped if you were with her at first. My advice is to always carry a set of bolt croppers. Or if in London call angle grinder man.
  8. i was clamped the night before i was to appear in court as a star witness, the cops gave me a hacksaw to cut the chain on the clamp. told me to take it home (highlands, ft William), have it welded back (cost me £5) and hand it in to the local police station in the highlands, (clamped in wales), cops told me that the lock costs about £130 and they wouldn't go all the way to Scotland to get it back. as i handed it in to the police i wouldn't be done for stealing it lol
  9. If you are telling the truth, I prostrate myself before you in awe and rapt wonderment. One for the good guys!
  10. Wasn't there some sort of ruling recently, regarding clamping on private land??

    ....i thought it was or is being made illegal. I could be talking complete bollox though.

    My misses was clamped not long back and asked a copper about it. His advice was and I quote "Cut it off if you like, but just don't get caught doing so"
  11. As much as I think the whole system is corrupt and akin to demanding money with menaces the fact that there was a sign saying "No parking for Argos Customers" in plain view would sort of make me wonder why you think a reciept from Argos would be any sort of defence?
  12. Another of the Joys of Scotland..................No wheel clamping!!!!!

    'Fa's like us'

  13. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Since you've already paid, I would wager that you are fucked and will not see that money again.

    Next time purchase some bolt croppers (you can get them from Argos funnily enough) take off the clamp and drive off denying all knowledge. The chances of these pikey ******* being able to mount a court case against you are slim to none.

    In the mean time get on to the SIA and kick up a stink, it might not get you anywhere but it will at least cause the clampers some hassle.
  14. samm1551

    samm1551 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I got clamped in a cinema car park once when I was a single mum. I had used the car park loads of times because I had been to that cinema loads of times. Anyway Sunday morning, booked tickets over phone like I normally did, walked in through open door, went to card ticket machine thing, got tickets went to watch film. Came out and car had been clamped. Went into cinema and was told by smug ticket office that the car park had been sold off to these pr*cks. So went to see them, some paki turns up giving me the "it will be £150". After 45 minutes of screaming, shouting and crying he released the car without charge. Might have helped that I had my son with me who could not have been more than 5 at the time. First and last time I ever used that tactic but it worked.

    However, I was told that if I could send off my receipts to the cinema that they would have refunded me anyway. F*cking scummers.
  15. oh it is the truth, well to keep it short i changed a bit. but it was a police Sgt that gave me the hacksaw, shaking it and his head side to side saying, "you need this to complete your journey and you are not going to commit any acts of criminal damage are you?" then told me to have the chain welded back, and hand it in to a police station, stating that it was found next to your car, so its lost property, and to call the clamping company telling them what station they can pick up their clamp from.

    worked out that it cost the clampers £200 in all for the clamp and lock, and 4-5 months later the local bobby asked me to go get the clamp as no-one have come for it, so i can have it.