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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Mr._Average, Dec 24, 2008.

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  1. Apologies if this is the wrong place to put this but I've got a couple of quick questions on watches.

    My son has finished uni and is off to Sandhurst next year and I'd like to get him a proper military watch as a present. I don't want to get him anything inappropriate (either too flash or not robust enough) so thought I'd ask here for some guidance on the best options for around £150 to £200.

    What would you recommend as a good watch and, having been a bit alarmed by the comments on Telford Watches, where do you feel would be the best place to go to buy one?

    Thanks in advance for your help & suggestions.
  2. I have one of these, cannot fault it, very tough wearing watch.

  3. You could probably do a lot worse than this baby. We got one for our currant-bun some time ago for £150 and it's survived a Telic and a Herrick in sterling form and still looks and functions great.
    He had/has no arrsing around with batteries and such and he's made up with the thing, since it took all the knocks and came up smiling. The only thing is that he sort of spoiled the image by putting a Scaley watch-strap on it. But whatever.

    It's only waterproof to 50 metres, of course. But let's face it, it you're more than 50 metres underwater, the last fückin' thing you're going to be bothered about is whether your watch is going to be OK.

  4. CASIO G-Shock

    Admittedly, this watch is less about form than function, but with 3 time zones, glow in the dark hands, stopwatch and date, it's all I've needed on ex or tour. VERY tough too, I've not yet broken it despite putting through enough to do so.
  5. How about getting him the nice watch when he graduates? Then he can help with the choice and it will mean more than getting it to go to training.

    I'd second the Casop G Shock - alarm, light, stopwatch, time zones, tough. All you need for training.
  6. Quick one on this, and its not a critism of the poster. I only found out from bitter experience and when I was researching a recent purchase

    Water resistant - Don't wear near a kettle when its boiling (My Water resistant H3 GTLS has condensation on the indside from wearing on excercise)

    50m - Wash your hands with it on

    100m - Ok for swimming (but my wife went snorkelling in her sekonda and now has condensation inside)

    200m - Minimum depth for diving etc

    I must have had a Gshock from a bad batch - I bought one for tellic and the digital part sulked when it went above 50 deg C
  7. I was told (a long time ago) to avoid LCD displays be use they can't cope with either extreme hot or cold (Arctic) temps. Not sure if this has been solved in the intervening 15? years as I use a wind up watch for this reason.
  8. I have the tactical 5.11 watch and it provides everything required for a day to day work watch. Has seen a few tours and survived.

    It does have a sniper function, which I have no use of and dont believe many people would have, but apart from that it also has a very functional compass and the rest of the functions available on the G-Shock etc.

    To top it off it comes in a sleek black design.

    Mine along with a few other models available here:

    5.11 Military Watches
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  10. Traser H3 bought mine in Herford PX still going strong. Graham Green does a good service discount and sponsors arrse and did an excellent job of servicing mine recently

    professional/commander/blue seem reasonable special tacticl edition if you are flush
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    Re that last link, get rid of the 'y' at the end to make it work.
  12. Why thank you TRSL.