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Hi there

I'm currently in the process of applying to join the British Army, but I'm getting a little concerned about the wait for my medical clearance. I applied from overseas, sent in the RG-8 completed by my GP, and after a couple of months received a letter from the overseas recruiting cell saying that I'm eligible to try to join the army assuming that my medical condition has not changed since I completed my application, and that I should come to the UK.

The letter I received instructed me to report to an AFCO in Liverpool (where my sponsor lives) even though I'd filled in on the application form that I'd be residing in London. About 9 weeks ago, I arrived in the UK and duly reported to the Liverpool AFCO, where I sat the BARB test and asked them if I could transfer my application to London. I was given all my application documents to take to London in a sealed folder (including the sealed RG-8 envelope, which I noticed had some writing on the front which I didn't read, but assume couldn't have been 'failed medical clearance,' otherwise the Liverpool AFCO staff surely would have told me.)

I went to the Strand ACIO in London just over 8 weeks ago, handed them all my documents, and was told that they needed to send my med form off again, because I'd now be going to a different selection centre. They said it would take 4-6 weeks (but would hopefully go quickly since my medical info was already on the system, or something along those lines) and then they'd contact me to arrange an interview.

I've been there every 2 weeks since then, but nothing seems to be happening, and the only news I get is 'as soon as you've been medically cleared, we'll contact you.'

I don't understand why it's taking so long though. Surely the letter the overseas cell sent me, along with the fact that my RG-8 had already been checked suggests that I've already been medically cleared anyway? I'm concerned that my med forms have gotten lost in the post, or that the medical centre might have gotten them, but because there's already writing on the envelope, they think that they've already finished with my form. I understand that the ACIO staff are very busy, but I'm getting the impression that they couldn't care less about finding out what's going on with my application, and I'm worried that some small admin glitch might be stuffing things up.

Could anyone tell me if this sort of waiting period is normal, and at what point concern would be warranted? I've no problem being patient, but I don't want to wait around for a year, only to be told that I was lost somewhere in the system ages ago – my visa does have a finite time on it. Is there anyone else I can contact to try to find out what's going on? I'm extremely keen to get on with things and start my training!

Any advice would be much appreciated!

The only thing I can think of is to keep calling them, maybe take them the previous letter you have and show them that you have already been cleared medically? I do know that some people wait over 8 weeks, Mine took 2 weeks so I guess it all depends on the individual case.

Good luck though I hope all goes well for you, Where you from?
Thanks mate. I've been calling them quite often of late, but perhaps I should be a bit more pushy about it. Showing them the letter again (staff has changed since the 1st time I went there) sounds like a good idea. I'm from South Africa, by the way.

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