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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PK, Jan 24, 2006.

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  1. PK

    PK Old-Salt

    After having one of those in depth type of conversations that soldiers have when they get bored the following question came up...

    Obviously, unless you are a liney in the signals :roll: , no one really has any great desire to drink urine be it their own or someone elses. Just wondering in a purley survival kinda form.

    The two schools of thought are:

    1) Drinking someone elses would be better because urine is the unwanted stuff from your body and might be needed in someone elses body. (Military opinion)

    2) Drink your own because urine is 70% water and 30% 'other fluids' therefore you'd get rehydrated just the same. (Civvie nurse type of thing)

    I welcome your input on this 'pressing' matter :lol:

  2. There is a whole alternative-health-and-crystals brigade that swears by drinking your own urine. Honestly.

    I also saw some survival programme where a Ray Mears type bloke was discussing desert survival with some fella who'd crashed in the middle of nowhere. He drank his own urine for several days and apparently it didn't do him any harm.

    Being a completely well-balanced person I wouldn't drink my own pish, let alone anyboy else's.

  3. it tastes like pish
  4. Stick it in the fridge for a few hours, add alittle salt, some fish oil, stir in a little seaweed, add some bird sh1t, some fish shit and loads of human turds, and wholla you have the taste of the Irish sea/English Channel.
  5. Might taste better with a splash of coke and some ice?
  6. and some vodka
  7. dont forget the twist of lime!
  8. Urine, although it does contain a lot of water, also contains metabolic products that the body WANTS TO GET RID OF. Drinking your own or someone else's, especially if you are dehydrated, is in some ways making the situation worse. It will become more and more concentrated. It is unlikely (although I admit I've never tried this) that drinking urine would prolong your life by much if you were dying of dehydration. Bear in mind that water loss in hot climates is only partially through urine. A lot is through the skin.
  9. Filter it through your hankie and you will get rid of a lot of the nasty stuff. If you fill the hankie with some fine sand the results will be much improved.

    Don't ask.
  11. i can remember seeing a slot on 'braniac' regarding the filtering and drinking of urine, but i can't remember just what they did as i was too busy retching to notice.
  12. I remember it was a popular pastime in out Bty bar at one time, never saw the appeal of it myself.. :lol:
  13. Gandhi drank his own every day and he was a big strong boy.
    If ya where gagging and now't else available ya'd drink and be greatful.
  14. There's some golden (snurk) quotes and snippets in this little article...but I think you'll find, according to the Heartland Healing Center, it's healthier to drink your own.

    Urine Therapy

  15. I'm catching major wood just from the thought. Mama always said I was a freak...