Question on Upgrading to an IEng qual with the IET

Discussion in 'REME' started by headgear, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm already a member of the IET and want to upgrade to IEng but the forms are a real barsteward on the IET website! - is there anyone in REME who's an official IET representative or has upgraded to IEng and knows a fast track 'military friendly' way of doing it.

    Many Thanks in advance
  2. When I was going through the process a few years ago there were 2 guys in the Kremlin course planning dept at Bordon who I was advised to talk to (can't remember their names though, sorry).

    If you email the Institute they will quite happily give you contacts to talk to.
  3. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Can't help specifically with IET, but I've just completed everything for CEng with the IMechE.

    The forms took me ages to do, mainly because they seem to want everything in a very wierd format i.e. all first person (I did this, I did that) which was very alien to my normal writing style.

    I assume you have the forms and the guidance notes as well, the IMechE do guidance notes for it all and I would assume it is similar to the IET as it is all engineering Council based stuff.

    if you can find a few more people who are interested the IMechE did a day visit by a mentor to help with paperwork and suchlike, but you needed 4 people interested. IET might do the same.

  4. Do you think you deserve IEng status if you are struggling with filling in the paperwork :roll:
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  5. Thanks for that sea-horse - you sarcastic twat!!

    The people I know who are doing an IMechE application have a much more simplified series of forms and at my present unit Abbey Wood there is a network of people being guided through the process by military institute representatives. This is a great help as our backgrounds don't fit in easily with civvie application forms.

    In my case the IET don't appear to have a similar set-up and I was merely looking for some advice and/or guidance with my fingers crossed in the hope that there was other people out there who had already carried out this process.

    Hopefully thats explained my position to your satisfaction Sea-horse Spanner!! but many thanks for the other lads helpful tips.
  6. Headgear, you're 'unit' is Abbeywood!? When are they next on an operational tour as I fancied a posting to that area but need some time off?
  7. A much better bite than expected! Easy tiger, we're all tired..........! Chin up!

    Here is an extract from the current news letter "I am in the process of securing fast track registration for members of the Corps for
    IEng, with the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET). A signing ceremony will take place on the 26 Nov 07 in London".

    If you need the number PM me.
  9. anyone got any info on how i can convert my city and guilds in shackling to I Eng.
  10. Don't know about a fast track military route, but once you get your head around the forms they aren't too bad.

    Definitely contact a professional registration advisor. They know what the peer assessment group is looking for whether you are going for Engtech, IEng or CEng.

    I tried using the Career Manager on the IET website, and that seemed to be trouble than it was worth.

    Download the application pack and the guidance information.

    As Sympathetic_Reaction stated, everything has to be written in the first person when it comes to the competances. Not "I am a member of the design team" but more like "as the only M & E engineer, I am ..........."

    Hope this is of some help
  11. Applied for an IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology) Membership Subscription at 144.00 quid. With this membership you get the designatory letters after your name (not post nominals) :-
    1. TMIET (foundation degree down with experience) or
    2. MIET (need degree and higher level quals).

    Before applying for professional membership EngTech / IEng / CEng, you first need to be a member of IET as above - and then part with more money.

    Just heard that REME can claim back the 144 quid and subsequent membership subscriptions on JPA - anyone done this yet?
  12. That's the first I've heard about being able to reclaim the cash and I've been a member for years!
  13. Haven't you been claiming tax relief on the sub?
  14. No. I've missed a trick here obviously.