Question on stores and accounting

Hello fellow arrse members. I am after some information on stores and accounting.

Main questions are as follows
How often should stores should be checked.

Should there be a 100% check after deployment/exercise.

should the stores be checked and sealed before annual leave for instance Xmas.

How often should the chain of the command do their checks.

or if you could even refer me to the document that would be a great help

As others have said there is a JSP, unit standing orders, then what the QM/SQMS says, sometimes they may contradict each other.

You dont say what stores, I assume you mean QMs or SQMs.

I didnt really get involved in the regulation aspects of first line accounting I generally did what the QM told me, but kit is usually checked after deployment/exercises because it might be broken or missing as its been used.

The only "Stores" I remember being sealed for block leave were the weapons and Ammo (If you hate who is on duty, just break the seal and watch them having to conduct 100% check.

If I remember correctly stores are checked at different intervals depending on their type, weapons by serial every week (By OO) MT every month (by OC) Furniture every month (By SQMs rep) 2nd line had daily random checks items, regt bar had QMs check every 3 months.

My personnel view is that the Army spends a lot of time on pointless checks because thats what it did 100 years ago so it must have a relevance now.
Oh FFS, must this be so ferking difficult?

You lay out your store according to the unit's Equipment Table (or whatever it's called this week). Doesn't matter if pick helves are next to compasses and pick heads are the other side of the store. However it is listed in the ET, that's how you lay it out.

Now, stores are for storing; it's a store not an issue. So never, ever issue anything, and you'll be 100% every time. Make sure the opening hours are 30 minutes a week tops, rehearse your "fvck off, no" alternatives, and jobza.

Alternatively, issue EVERYTHING in the store and keep a file of 1033's (or whatever they're called this week). Nothing to lose, just have the signees re-sign every 6 months. Again, 100% every time on stores check.

How long was the RQMS course again? :D

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