Question on Residency for BFG personnel

What I thought was a simple question, is not. I've looked around the internet to find an answer but to no avail. Can anyone answer the following question

When serving in Germany are we classed as UK residents or non UK residents?

If someone knows the answer and where it is in black and white I'd much appreciate being pointed in that direction.
I don't know where i might be found in B&W - sorry. But I always thought that while you were HMG, you were always treated as resident. Hence the reason you paid income tax in BAOR, and hence the reason why FCO types also still pay taxes.
I am no longer serving but my recollection of BAOR days was that there were some subtle differences in your position when living in Germany. Whereas you got taxed on your pay in UK, income not earned in UK was not necessarily taxable there. But I am not sure and I think the answer to your question depends on its context which you have not given.
Hi panther nothing to do with Tax/NI stuff, I'm back in the UK next week for a few days and want to open a new bank account. When I went online to apply, one of the criteria was UK residency. I had to ring them (pain in the arse) as they didn't recognise BFPO and they asked about my residency status, I wasn't sure. Hence the original question. MM


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Do you not have a family home in the UK,I have always used my family home as my UK residency address and never had a problem.
This has been a hassle since the law came in to prevent people creating bogus accounts in order to launder 'dirty' money. Banks require proof of residency in order to open a new account. This is usually in the form of a statement of a utility bill in the applicant's name. This is not available to forces personnel living in Germany unless you own a house or are paying the bills for someone else living in the UK, however all that is required is the production of ID card when making the application to open a new account and explain your situation.

This does of course mean that you have to apply at the bank itself and can't apply online. As you have said that you will be back in the UK for a week or so in the near future, this shouldn't be a problem.
The question of residency is covered in the NATO Truppen Statut 1951 (Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA)) signed by the host nation (Germany) and the six 'troop sending states' USA, Canada, UK, France, Belgium and Holland.

SOFA in German

It basically says that members of the military and civilian component remain residents of their own state for all intents and purposes. There are some exceptions and local activities that change the position, but they are not the issue here.

Banks are awkward ******* as we all know. I have recently tried to change UK banks but the hurdles are massive if you don't have UK residency. As I work for NATO I don't even have a BFPO to fall back on and so far I have had little success.
As greenbaggyskin stated, serving personnel, their dependants and UKBCs are considered to be UK residents, indeed they theoretically don't exist in Germany as they are not registered.
You can use your BFPO address for your driving licence as dvla will accept it (I have done this previously). It is unfortunate that whilst most banks will have serving personnel as clients and will happily accept a change of address from them, they seem to be very ackward with new clients. If you do have problems opening an account I would suggest trying Holt's Branch of the Royal Bank Of Scotland. I have been with them for 21 years and never had a problem with them as they are based in Farnborough near Aldershot. I have recently left Germany myself but before I went I seen a lot of advertising for Holt's in the NAAFI etc specifically for those having problems getting a UK account whilst overseas.