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Well, my divorce is finally through (woohoo!!!!) and i can start getting on with things.. I've met someone new, and things are starting to look a bit, erm, long term. The dilemma rests in the fact that he's an Officer.. and my (quite frankly, pig-headed and abusive) ex is a SNCO..They are from different regiments, don't know each other, and would have no reason to ever cross paths, but I just wondered if this would cause a problem "higher up" if talk turned to matrimony.. There are also children involved whom my ex would have access to..

Has anyone ever encountered a situation like this?
I'm sure it should be no problem! Are they in the same regiment?

can I direct you to the Rear Party Site! this is a new site connected to ARRSE that is specifically for the Other halves, family and friends of anyone in the forces!! You may find some great advice there!!

missy RearParty LINK
no, different regiment, and as of next year, different country! I'm a bit wary as my ex (see previous comments!) will probably be asking the very same questions, and if there is the slightest possibility that he can screw things up, he will do it.. Just hoping to put my mind at rest!!
You're ex shouldn't interfer in your new life, he is out of it from now on it's nothing to do with him!
if they are different regiments and different areas of the army, it shouldn't make any difference, a friend of mine was married to an SNCO and they divorced she has been in a long term relationship with an officer, both from different regiments and they have never crossed paths and are not that likely to one is in the signals the other a medic so totally different, the army is a small world but i'm sure you will be ok! my mate was!
Your ex does have the right to see your children of course but if he is any kind of bloke he woun't let your relationship spoil him seeing his children!!

hope it all goes well, the start of a brand new life for all of you!!

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