Question on paying of 5 year money

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by michael3429, Aug 27, 2008.

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  1. Hello All

    Same old story unfortunitly i can't get an anwser from my own Admin office so i'm asking you guy's in here.

    I applied for my 5 year money 2 months ago signed the little sheet etc and it was actioned by by clerk well hope it was. After 2 pay's i thought i would have received this by now.
    Whats the usual waiting time for this money to be payed, and should i expect it through my pay or does it come seperate????

    Thanks in advance

  2. anyone??????
  3. This is now the 3rd month waiting for it as it wasn't in with my pay today
  4. ask at your admin office to chase up . to to worry i waited 5 months til mine made an appearance
  5. Can someone give me some advice.

    I've chased this up through my squadron Clerk who has resent the bonus application but it now been so long i asked if he can chase it threw phone incase there was any problems or anything.
    He said these pay issues with bonus's etc are dealt with by a civi company and we have no contact for them.
    I would like to clarify this and see if anyone else has had experience chasing this
  6. Try phoning the JPAC helpline thingy, they told me the exact date mine would hit the bank.
  7. Thanks mate, phoning them bad boy's 2morrow,