Question on Mess Rules

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by BobbyB, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. Thanx for responses so expected. The main things i wanted to know was:

    Does anyone know how the rules for establishing a mess within a regiment is set/decided?

    For example, where are the rules that say how much subscriptions are?

    Is there anyone who knows of a (TA) regiment that has two seperate SNCOs messes due to geographical locations of sub-units? By seperate messes i mean mess bills paid into seperate locations/accounts.

  2. I suspect that you are the sort of person that finds it irritating that seniors/officers are able to tell you what to do - and they weren't even voted in!
    The Army is not a democracy, and is based on many hundreds of years of tradition.

    Advice given is correct - If you don't like it then don't stay - Social work might suit you better
  3. Queens Regs fella, but beware about rubbing it in anyones face.
  4. Dear Barrack- Room Lawyer,
    As a former member of The Warrant Officer's and Sergeant's Mess I think I can help you out on this one.
    If you don't like it off and be a civvy.
  5. 1. The body that implements, maintains, enforces and- if agreed upon- changes mess rules is called a Mess Committee. You may have heard the term once or twice and, unless your RSM is a throbber, it is supposed to be democratic with members voting on said rules and other mess business. If you don't like a rule, bring it up at a meeting. If the RSM/CMC is being unfair, there should be some sort of an appeals process articulated in the mess rules.

    2. I'd say off-hand, being able to join a mess other than your unit's should be at the discretion of the mess you seek to join, as should your rights and responsibilities in that mess. You should, however, remain a member of your unit's mess also.

    3. Pay your Mess bill on time, you pikey cnut. Messes are non-profit organisations and rely on their members to meet their obligations. Argue the toss later.
  6. This should never be an issue
  7. Ask Your RSM
  8. I think some mistake is being made here. Bobby you need to advise someone very quickly that it is all a mistake and that you are really a visiting vacuum cleaner salesman. Do it now before it all goes horribly wrong.
  9. "Leave the mess now!".....The PMC.
  10. I was going to answer this with a sensible reply, but then thought, bollo-cks, pay your bills on time, stop moaning, or fook off and be a treehugging social services wnaker.

    Fook me, if you wanted to be pampered, then why did you not just join the scouts?

    Or, why not sign up for the real job? then tell the RSM you are annoyed! what a coc-k.

    Fookin civi wannabe wnackers
  11. I'm sure you feel better now, Gren.