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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by kingbear, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. Greetings, first post here. Might seem silly but want to be 110% about this..

    Is the product, Maximuscle Cyclone, Safe for the army? The last thing i want is to be pulled up for a drug test and find this supplement you can purchase in my local store has fucked me over.

    Big thanks for any replies.
  2. Its safe , but kind of a waste of money...I think

    What's wrong with

    lift heavy,eat,sleep,run = enjoy
  3. Its safe , but kind of a waste of money...I think

    What's wrong with

    lift heavy,eat,sleep,run = enjoy
  4. Cyclone is a top product, a lot of the guys take it. You won't have any problem at all with a CDT.

    A good rule of thumb is, that if you can buy it over the counter in a health food shop, or Boots, then you'll fine with regards to legality, etc.


    editted to add: PS: The strawberry flavour is the best if you're just taking it with water, not too weak and not too claggy.
  5. Thanks corbuc and Tango - Nice to hear :)

    Btw, whats CDT?

    yeh i was going to say, ASDA now stock Cyclone.
  6. CDT - Compulsory Drugs Test, basically a team of soldiers pop into your unit at random and subject a proportion (usually every available soldier) to a drugs test. Sorry, forgot that not everyone uses TLA (three letter abbreviations)!

  7. Maximuscle Cyclone is a rip off.

    You can buy protein powder (with L Carnitine) and a seperate jar of creatine much cheaper than the 40 quid Maximuslce charge.

    Champ Protein 90 - £12

    mixed with

    Champ Creatine - £8

    Lasts me 35 days and the creatine lasts for almost 3 months.

    Obviously it depends on your training goals but there is no need to go to such expense. TBH a couple of spoonfuls of cootage cheese or a bowl of scrambled eggs is just as good.
  8. using Maximuscle Cyclone and Promax and you can deffo see the difference in a week or two, increased my bench press and significant increases in running times, only downside is its not cheap, but I got it 1/3 off on Ebay....
  9. The massive increase you are seeing is due to the Creatine content (and hard work :wink: )

    But that is not specific to Cyclone, and a lot of guys are really throwing their money down the drain. :roll:
  10. ^Agreed, it's much cheaper to combine all the stuff yourself. being a prime place that does it, you can even just order all the stuff you want in it and then they mix it for you.

    That said even then alot of guys start taking crud like that when they're not even reaching there full potential anyway.
  11. Truedatmybrudder

    It's a supplement not a miracle worker :D
  12. I thought the point in supplements was to gain 20pounds of lean muscle in 1 week.

    Or maybe that was dianobol....
  13. I used Cyclone for a while a few years ago and found every time I went for a run I got a stitch, stopped taking it and the stitch went. As for being able to take anything you can buy over the counter be careful with buying products from abroad. There were products for sale in the PX's that contained ingredients that were illegal over here yet had no restrictions in the US. Products like these occasionally pop up on ebay so be careful.
    Also on that note, there are a number of products that you can buy in this country that contain ingredients that are on the IOC's banned list, potentially these products could also cause you problems on CDT too.
  15. Firstly, Creatine does not increase strength/muscle growth, it aids recovery time and the protein content does the job of bulking you up.
    With all supplements you need to be putting the time in at the gym if your on op massive or pushing yourself on the running track remembering to get in the required resting periods for your body to be able to recover.

    You can gain extra protein in your diets taking on healthy alternatives such as Chicken, fish, eggs etc.