Question on Length of Service and Service Medals

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Benjamin1876, May 6, 2010.

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  1. Many years ago a WO2 came to our unit who had been a WO1 in the Brit Army, transferred over and reduced 1 rank to WO2. I asked him why he did it, and he told me he had finished his 22 years, and if he was not to be given a QM commission he had to leave the Army. I could not understand that as in the Australian army, a bloke joining at 17 could potentially do 38 years with retirement at 55, and that has now changed to 60, but I still see posts where serving soldiers talk about "almost completed their 22 years" would somebody please explain what that is about

    the other question I have is in relation to service medals, a mention was made on another thread of a bloke who was a WO1 Brit Army who said he has an "impressive rack of medals" I am not sure what that means, as I only have 9 and I wonder now does anybody know what is the maximum number of medals a Brit soldier could have, and the max number an Aust soldier could have, without adding any medals such as MBE, AM or bravery awards, just campaign medals and long service type medals. I realise there must be many medals since the end of WW2, and nobody could have all of them, but for a serving soldier today, I would be interested, and if possible, show a picture, it would be of interest to me, and perhaps others on this thread.
  2. Someone joining 22 years ago today would qualify for the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal and - if he hasn't been a naughty boy - the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Regular Army). He could have also qualified for the following (fairly common) campaign medals:

    General Service Medal 1962 (with clasps for Northern Ireland, Kuwait, N.Iraq & S.Turkey, Air Operations Iraq)
    UN Medal Cyprus
    Gulf Medal
    UN Medal Bosnia
    NATO Medal (Former Yugoslavia)
    NATO Medal (Kosovo)
    NATO Medal (Macedonia)
    NATO Medal (Non-Article 5) / EUFOR Medal - *if none of the three Balkans medals listed above are held.
    Operational Service Medal (Sierra Leone)
    Operational Service Medal (Afghanistan)
    Iraq Medal

    In addition, he may have been one of the relatively few personnel to have been awarded the Operational Service Medal (DR Congo), the Iraq Reconstruction Service Medal or a UN medal from somewhere weird and wonderful.
  3. Also possibly:

    Meritorious Service Medal
    Any Honours
    Bravery Medals
  4. Not mine....but here is an example

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  5. Is that to spot the errors? ISAF and OSM...
  6. And the 22 years is a pension thing. Service is still possible to age 55 if vacancies exist, 60 if an officer.

    In addition to the medals listed earlier, on completion of Regular service, someone could join the TA and pick up a VRSM and maybe even a QVRM. If the timing was right, you could even find a bloke with an Efficiency Medal (Territorial) as well, though he'd be pushing it age-wise to also get the VRSM (22 years Regular + 22 years TA)


    For that, he'd have to still be serving at 62...
  7. When you retire you can wear what you want, I wear the ISAF as its the only medal I got for being there.........
  8. The EUFOR medal is allowed to be worn.

    Full details can be found in 2006DIN 01-008 on Armynet or DII
  9. Thanks Wedge for the info and dante for the picture, now if somebody can do the same for me for Australian medals I will be really happy, ta again, and I will now have to look on another site to see what those medals are that dante has shown me- I only recognise the GSM62 and the medal for Falklands, it is so much like the Atlantic Star my Dad got for his RN service in WW2
  10. I know a man with 14 including an MBE. He says that he knows a Loadmaster in the Chinook force that has 18.
  11. No wonder he needs a Chinook to lift that lot! :?
  12. I have spent some time today looking at some other sites, with the same question in my mind, and realised of course there are no longer any people serving in the Australian defence forces who would be wearing the medals for SVN, nor the GSM or GSM1962, unless of course in the case of the GSM1962 they came from the British Army before joining Aust. There would not be many, other than the Chief of Defence, Houston, who even wears the Aust Service Medal 1945-75, and he apparently has that with the clasp for service in PNG and no campaign medals at all.

    so if somebody is going to add to this thread with a list of medals an Aust soldier (or sailer or airman) could have, perhaps it would have to be somebody who enlisted after 1975, and as I would like a currently serving hypothetical person, he/she would have to have at this time 35 years service at the maximum and be at least 52 years of age, with enlistment age of 17.
    Know this is difficult, i have tried myself, but know there are many people out there much smarter than I am, old age is creeping over me quickly, and I would appreciate your help -Thanks
  13. I remember seeing a guy from the RLC with a 5 on his UNPROFOR gong.

    He was well medalled up... I'm sure he featured on the cover of Soldier in the mid to late 90's.
  14. he was the bloke who didnt have a single UK medal, they were all chocolate UN and NATO ones.
  15. My memory aint great but I think you are absolutely spot on.