Question On Int..

Hi just thinking about joining the Int corps but heard that they only do the visit to the int corps every 6 months.
Is this true and if so does anyone have any idea when the next is due?
Also if I were to fail this selection at the Int Corps would they just arrange a date to start training for one of my other selections or would I have to apply and do the ADSC all over again?
Answers appreciated SS
As I have replied to your other post in the Intelligence board.

You do ADSC, then if sucessful you may end up going on a visit to Chicksands for the intel selection. A bit more regular than every 6 months. Should you pass that they will sort out a start date for basic, with you going in as an OPMI.

Otherwise if you dont pass the Chicksands assesments, they would just sort out a start date for your 2nd/3rd job choices, provided you met the physical requirements for them at ADSC, and also if for example your second job choice required a pass at the TST (technical standards test), you would also need to have passed that. Otherwise you wouldnt need to do the whole ADSC again.

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