Question on housing/how much i pay

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by michael3429, May 21, 2011.

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  1. Evening all.

    Someone raised a question with me today and it's got me thinking a bit.

    I live in a Grade 2 type C house. Large 3 Bedroom with garage and there is me the wife and baby. But really i should be in a 2 bedroom as per entitlement, when i was posted there were no 2 beds available so we got the bigger one. Should i be paying the price for the 3 bed or price for 2 bed. I am not to bothered i am very happy with the house but obviously like anyone if i can pay less than the 183 rent with garage rent on top i would challenge what i'm paying.

    Thanks in advance
  2. If they haven't got your entitlement and they give you bigger, you pay as per entitlement. From what you have said this is your situation. You need to look up what rate the 2 & 3 bed would be, I don't have it to hand.

    If you ask for bigger if it's available and you get it then you pay for what you get.
  3. If it was because they could not supply a two bed, you should be paying for a two bed
  4. Thanks lad's

    As far as i am aware there isn't even any 2 beds in innsworth where i live, would that make a difference. The differnce in entitlement might only be a few pound a day but over the 8 months i've lived there it adds up
  5. Like has been said, if you asked for your entitlement and were ugraded, you shouldn't pay. I f you asked to be upgraded, you pay!
  6. Well i didnt ask for any upgrade i just put my application in as per normal and got that
  7. Then you should pay your entitlement only. Speak to your clerks
  8. Thanks mate will give it a try, see what comes of it
  9. What the posters above have said is spot on - if you asked to live in a bigger house then you pay for what you have - if you got put in a bigger house (whatever the reason) you should only pay for what you're entitled to. Garage charges are independant, if you have one, you pay for it. Remember that the grade of the house has nothing to do with entitlement, it's about its standard and the availability of local amenties etc - what we're talking about here is its type.

    There is one other thing you might check too - when you were allocated your quarter, you should have received a letter from the housing office. In that letter, they are supposed to state what type and grade the house is. Check that letter, if by any chance you still have it - and if it says Type B and you're being charged Type C, they they're simply charging you wrongly. That doesn't mean that if the letter says it's Type C you've had it - it just means it isn't quite so easy - but the fact remains that if you didn't ask to be "upgraded" you should still be paying by entitlement. Good luck!
  10. Cheers Scaly. There is alot of us sig's who got posted into innsworth some have been put in brand new houses in kingsway and tweksbury nd are paying a fortune i would think they are in the same boat they never asked for upgrade they were just given what was available.

    Thanks for your replies guy's
  11. Another quick question if anyone knows. Do i go through housing department or through my clerk as he believes it's through DHE,
  12. DHE are the ones who are responsible for defining the type and grade of SFAyou are in and for making the allocation but your Unit Admin Office is responsible for ensuring that you are paying the appropriate charges. This could be where the mix up has happened - if the DHE has said M3429 is in a Type 2 Grade C it's possible that the UAO has simply entered that into JPA without taking into account that as a Sig you're living above entitlement and not by choice. Ask to see their copy of the allocation letter and then the way in which they started your charges. A quick dive around Armynet and i found the following extract from Part 1 of JSP 464: Tri Service Accommodation Regulations (TSARs):

    0330 Allocation of SFA above entitlement. The HIC may offer SFA above entitlement on those occasions when SFA of the entitled Type is not available (thereby avoiding SSFA). Above entitlement allocations are to be made on the same basis as allocations to entitlement, in that occupants of above entitled properties will not normally be required to vacate during the course of their tour of duty unless circumstances arise which make the continued occupation of the property inappropriate or impossible (see Chapter 8 Section V). In order not to disadvantage personnel when SFA above the normal entitlement is allocated for service reasons, the SFA charge is to be that related to a Grade 1 SFA of the Type to which the Service person is normally entitled, unless the Grading of the SFA actually occupied is lower in which case the lesser rate must be charged. Where the Fuel Subsidy Scheme is applicable, the FSS rate applied is to be based on the type of SFA the occupant is entitled to. JSP 754 – Tri service regulations for Pay And Charges Chapter 9 (Sections 2 and 3) refers. The applicant may decline the offer of above entitlement SFA without penalty, and retain their existing position on the Application List. (The bold is put on by me)

    The subsequent para deals with the case when you chose to live above entitlement and confirms that in that case, you pay for what you live in.

    This should help you clear it up at the UAO but I suggest you look at JSP 754, which my quote refers to as well.

    Good luck in getting it sorted Michael....
  13. It is DHE/ housing office that input married quarter charges. Your unit clerks do not have access to this.
  14. Your Admin Office should have a copy of the AF K1325 or JPA equivalent which will show you what type of quarter they are charging you for, hopefully that will tie up with what you are being charged for.

    If above entitlement then it should be annotated as such on the AF K1325.

    Hope this helps.
  15. I'm not been lazy but i may be a mong. I have tried searching for a website/Email address for DHE as when i have tried to phone them they are either engaged or put the opening times notice on there answer machine. I called today at 1345 to get the message "sorry we are now closed our opening times are 0900 - 1500 monday to Friday". hmmmmm someone knocked off a little early today. and yesterday i called at 1440 and got same message.
    So i though maybe sending an email might be a bit easier. Anyone got one or know website i can find

    Thanks in advance as always