question on gunner officer role

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by jeffwho, Mar 29, 2008.

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  1. After considering a number of options about a career in the army, I've become increasingly interested in the officer role in the Royal Artillery. I gather that the first posting for many young officers in the gunners is as Command Post Officer.

    Would anyone be able to tell me a bit more about what this job entails? Does operating in a battery command post mean that officers on operations operate separately from the troops that they administer in barracks?

  2. On completion of the YOs’ Course, you will be posted to one of the fifteen regiments that make up the Royal Regiment of Artillery. You will be one of three or four Troop Commanders in a battery under the command of a Major, your Battery Commander.
    As a Troop Commander your main responsibility will be for up to 30 soldiers ranging in rank from Gunner to Staff Sergeant and from age 18 to 35. You will organise your soldiers training, look after their welfare, manage their careers and most importantly ensure that they are ready to deploy on operations. You will also be responsible for a wide range of vehicles, equipment and weapon systems worth millions of pounds!

    In addition to looking after your soldiers, you will have a specific job as an Officer which may find you as a Command Post Officer deployed alongside a battery of guns or rocket launchers and responsible for controlling their fire. You could find yourself working in a battle group headquarters, advising an infantry or tank commander about air defence issues and being responsible for siting air defence missile systems to protect vital installations and friendly troops. Alternatively you may command a troop utilising surveillance and target acquisition systems, providing real time imagery or radar to identify and locate enemy positions.
  3. took the words right out of my mouth....hope all is well with you young man?
  4. Gnr40.... all is well. Life goes on as usual here