Question on changes to BFG Registration process

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by HomerDoh, Apr 15, 2011.

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  1. According to Sixth Sense today:

    Apparently the process for BFG registering cars has changed, allowing a full 45 day period to get the Car registered with BFG however, lighting test and if required BFG test must be done first. How does that leave those (i.e me) planning to acquire a new tax free vehicle just prior to posting back to the UK. The rules are that it has to be BFG'ed for 7 days. Previously this fell within the 30 days that you had to get a BFG lighting test done, hence you could get away without buying the lights . Surely I don't have to buy continental lights (£1500+) for 7 days use? dealers certainly aren't aware of this change. I was told that as I was returning to the UK it didn't matter that my model spec came with adaptive Bi xenons etc. Had i been staying in Germany I would have been warned off buying this variant because of the massive extra costs.

    man I #@#*ing hate BFG motoring regs !!
  2. Not 100% sure of the answer, But:

    I think the only way of being allowed to take a tax free vehicle back to the UK on posting is if you've ordered the car before you receive your assignment order. Are you saying that you're going to wait until you have an assignment order then get a car a few weeks before you actually depart BFG?

    Or am I just reading it wrong?
  3. Nope

    You can definitely have a new car on posting back to UK just needs to be BFG'ed for 7 days , assuming you and your wife haven't used their yearly entitlements already . Its always been the case, basically a question of timing. Ordering a stock model is safest bet, if you order a new build and it gets delayed you could be stuffed. If ain,t BFG ed for 7 days you won't get a 414 and won't be able to register it in the UK without paying the VAT. I know of people who have manipulated their posting dates back to the UK in order to fit in with BFG registration requirements.
  4. Fair enough didn't realise that was the case.
    For your original question, can you borrow someone else's lights to get you through the test?
  5. Surely if you don't have the lights after the 30 days from BFG registration, you can just stop driving it and not worry about the lights, or is that too simplistic.

    That's what I am planning to do with my car as I am not buying new lights for that one, as I spent nearly 1600 Euros on the headlights for the current one, and they will not fit the next car I get !!
  6. From how you've written it, it would appear that you have to have a lightng test prior to BFG registration... so yes. You need lights. Otherwise you don't pass the test, don't get FG'd thus precluding you from having the vehicle BFGd for 7 days.

    Buy the same model of car as you already own... and use the old lights. simples.

    Another jolly little weeze by BFG to prevent blokes buying cars by the look of it.

    ncidentally the tax free car/bfg thing was so that you could buy a left hooker on posting to germany, and a right hooker for the return. So you can order/buy a car when you are posted, as long as it is BFGd for 7 days, and you keep it for a year on your return to UK.
  7. any chance of hiring a german car thats a similar model?

    not that ive done that you understand ,just wondering ......
  8. Hi,

    If you are posted back to the uk within 3 months of obtaining your new car, you do not have to fiddle the process. Just write in prior or at the time of registering and ask for a waiver to the lights test, as then can be waved up 3 months. The BFG help line 72 4100 can guide you give them a try, you maybe suprised. It does work.

    I hope this helps