Question on age and other stuff.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Xoums, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. Hi everybody,
    Im a 26 year old graduate, ive recently quit my soul crushing office job to pursue my dream to become a pro thai boxer, i went to thailand for a few months and had a few pro bouts over there. Having done that and not really seeing a profitable or stable career in the world of pro boxing I have turned my attention to the army. I have always had a fascination with things relating to military matters, and the role of the warrior in society, and during my travels in Asia I met up with a Cpt of the Royal marines with who I had many converstaions about the army and life as a soldier, our talks kind of acted as a catalyst to get me to finaly make my mind up and decide to start my application.
    I have a graduate degree In history and french, my fitness is pretty good at the momment but im always training and trying to improve one way or another. Im trying to keep up to date with current affairs and get as broad a view as possible of the news and current military conflicts we are engaged in ie: Afghanistan.
    I bought a copy of Clauswitz "On war" and have bought another few books on the history of warfare and the structure and history of the british army that i am really enjoying.
    I feel rather confident about my fitness nevertheless i dont like taking anything for granted but im concerned about my age, and the fact that I dont come from a "priviledged" background and I might come across a bit rough around the edges.
    I have dual Nationality (Franco/Brritish) and really enjoye languages and bridging cultural and linguistic barriers and therefore have expressed my interrested in joining the RGR.
    So my questions are: Is 26 to old? is there anything I should do to prepare? As english is not my primary languages could this be an obstacle?
    sorry for the long text.

    Kind regards,

  2. 26 is within limits. Have a read through the sticky at the top for prep etc - current affairs, mental maths etc.

    Step 1 is get to the Army Careers Office and get the ball rolling. It does not roll fast.
  3. I'm 26 myself. If anything, your age will be to your advantage as you have life experience that fellow candidates may not have. Especially those who are in their teens or fresh out of University. You need to use this to your advantage when selling yourself to the army.

    As posted above, get yourself to your army careers office ASAP. The process takes the best part of a year. You have plenty of time to prepare as you wait for the relevant dates.
  4. I did AOSB last week and one guy in my group will be 30 on Tuesday.
  5. Syndicate colour?
  6. Yellow. I was no. 25. He was no. 28, and was the Vice president at the dinner. You?
  7. Not wanting to boy cot the thread...(but I am for just a little tiny bit)... how did you get on at AOSB jew_unit and Taita?


    On the original topic your age is no problem, as long as you get the process started soon and your language should not provide a problem as there are Officer Cadets from all over the world. As long as you can speak fluently, write fluently (for the written essay) and understand english you will be fine.
  8. If he will be 30 on Tuesday then he is wasting his time I believe. Is it not a max age of 29 for entry to Samdhurst?Excepting a confirmed offer at a corps and subsequent age waiver of course.
  9. I hope someone told him that before he turned up, but I guess the best bet for the original poster would be to call AOSB and find out. They we're incredibly helpful whenever I spoke to them so it's a useful port of call.

    Oh, and I passed. :D
  10. I also passed, Black syndicate (that's right, the one who smashed the race)!

    I was speaking to Vice President at dinner, a very fit bloke - IronMan in September.
  11. I believe he was applying for a TA commission, which you are eligible for up to the age of 35. Got my results from Westbury yesterday and got a pass, so hopefully there are still some spaces left for RMAS in May!
  12. Congratulation guys on the pass.

  13. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Lol I retired after 10 years at 27 - it's a very hard life if you're an infantryman and there's a war on.

    But good luck - Having a second language will be a major plus - my only advice would be try for the best unit you think you can hack.
  14. Hi,
    thank you all for you advice,
    I have already been to a career Office and am in the process of getting my initial Interview with a Cln Form Aldershot(?) in the next couple of weeks so far the age seems not to be too much of an issue.
    Im really looking forwards to my interview and discuss where i can fit in as an officer, I have my sights on the Gurkhas or the Riffes both maybe because of misguided romantic idea about both regiments, the gurkhas because they are hard little bastards feared by all "bravest of the brave"(?) and the riffles......well sadly because of "sharp" and their History as being the pioneers of light infantry.
    I have also decided that if I dont cut it as an officer i will probably apply as a private and maybe work my way to a commissioning from the ground up.
    Congratulations to those having passed your AOSB, you must feel very proud and releived.

    Kindest regards,

  15. Good luck Xoum. I would suggest that you work on your grammar a little (that's if you don't write better in real life). I'm not trying to be a bastard about it, but the AOSB education advisors did seem particularly harsh to those who made grammatical mistakes in the essay.