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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rarden_reaper, Aug 7, 2009.

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  1. Ok a nice easy one for a friday....

    The sun is out. I finish work in 30 minutes....good weekend planned.

    I've just finished inducting a perky 16 yo girl in the gym...

    As she was using the shoulder press I couldn't help noticing the way her full and ripe young breasts heaved as she worked the machine....

    As a red blooded male of it wrong to be having immoral thoughts about her?

    :twisted: :twisted: :p
  2. Why are you on this website when you could be spending the afternoon dressed in latex, cock on table whilst she whips it with a bamboo cane.

  3. Umm it might breach instructor/client trust, and perhaps cross the line as it were......

    Although...those young ripe breasts....soft flawless skin.....wide trusting eyes....

  4. If by the end of tonight she is not sticking cocktail umbrellas down your japs eye you will be labelled as worse than Hitler.
  5. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    The fact that you need to ask points out your having doubts, so question answered - morals are personal to each of us :D
  6. Morals!, morals!, what the feck are they all about then where a sixteen year old with pert thrusting breasts is concerned, for Gods sake man go away and get stuck into her and stop wasting time.
  7. Ok then further to it wrong to act on said thoughts!!??
  8. .....and don't forget to provide us with photographic evidence of your student.
  9. Do you think I'd get barred from the site if such evidence was uploaded for your viewing pleasure?
  10. Surely it would be wrong NOT to be having immoral thoughts about her, for then you shall be proclaimed one of 'them who must not be mentioned'!!
  11. Only if it were offensive to Jarrod.
  12. The general feelings I'm getting are that as long as she's legal (and willing of course) it's not really an issue?
  13. you've failed the gay test and unfortunatly your have to wait another year for the pride street party but plenty of time to get that all important sac crack and back wax job :evil:

    oh your a gym instructor why were you looking at her breasts you wasted valuable


    mirror time :twisted:
  14. You could be her first, if indeed you are you will need to get her ready for a life of pleasing men. Ensure you kick her back doors in, she cannot be told soon enough of the pleasures.
  15. Not necessarily, but beware of 'acting' anywhere she can see into a mirror over your shoulder! Given your comparative ages 'senior ball hang' is a serious possibilty and it always looks worse from behind! Especially to a 16 year old!! :twisted: