Question: Is Catterick (a) World Class or (b) Appalling

Answer: Both actually. Just depends which bits.

Catterick Infantry Training centre described as "world class"

"Mr MacConachie added he had seen the standard of accommodation improve dramatically, with poor facilities being dealt with. He also said that he believes some of the new accommodation is "very, very good".

Army accommodation appalling, says report

"The old accommodation is appalling and needs at least refurbishing if not renewing as a matter of urgency," Mr MacConachie said in the report.
I can't see that the training centre is first class when you look at the rest of the accomodation the troops have to live in.Somebody is joking they must be.
So the recruits get the idea of nice shiny rooms and facilities, then get assigned to the real world - instant turn-off. But at least it gives a good back-drop to the latest recruiting DVD - AARGGHHH!!!!

If you joined because of the DVD - you deserve to be dissapointed.
Lucky you didnt live in Catterick in the early to mid 1990's

The only 'supermarket' you had was either the NAAFi down Chute Road, or the Spar at White Shops

The only 'pub' was Harrys bar', then Festers opened

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