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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by gunner182, Mar 16, 2011.

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  1. am i entitled to my full 28 days termination leave aslong as i have no discipiline against me? because as far as i was aware im entitled to it aswell as what ever leave i had left to take but my BSM and myself dont get on and i was due to go on termination leave yesterday but i was meant to take an additional 10days on top of that but he sent me on exercise instead. is there any action i can take against this? as i think myself its out of order. i thought id done enough an just wanted to leave after tours of iraq and afghan on an f.s.t but he has been tryin to make my life hell this last year and still trying to now but not sorting out my de-kit which has to be done through him and also sign my clearence chit.

    once again any help would be great as i think this is all a bit childish from a wo2 to a gunner many thanks
  2. Go through your CoC. Your officer/ SNCO should advise you.


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  3. iv tried my s/nco but he licks his ass like its a lolly and hasnt got the balls to cross him as he is after his promototion an my t/c is never about or any officer tbh :/.. i think the easiest way is to leave obn my own terms as its down on the system that i should be on leave an just go striaght to the rqms anb do it through him
  4. Try your RCMO then.


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    "When the going gets tough, the tough hide under the table"
  5. Some information for you, straight from JSP760

  6. Unless I'm missing something, then you are on your way out. if that is the case, why get bent out of shape over another few weeks.
    I was due to get out as soon as I arrived back from Bosnia, and start my new job two weeks later, but due to an admin cock up I nearly missed my start date. It was a massive deal at the time, but now, fifteen years later, its just another story I have to tell.
  7. When I left I had about 6 weeks to go when a TSM sent me on an exercise which resulted in me getting crushed by a gun, albeit not to serious injury I couldnt leave the Army until I passed a medical so I was in for an extra three months, a bummer at the time but like LBE said in years to come it will mean nothing and its a story to tell.
  8. Speak to the Padre.....