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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mountian48, Aug 2, 2013.

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  1. Hello my son is going to start training at AFC Harrogate on the 15th September, he wants to join the Infantry. He is, what people at the local gym call, an ectomorph. It means hes naturally skinny and his body finds it hard to gain muscle. He can do a fair amount of press ups, sit ups and can run for miles but im worried that he doesnt have the strengh to carry those bergens.

    What are his chances of getting through training and making it to battalion? He got a B grade at ADSC if that helps
  2. Has he had his heart rate and blood pressure taken?

    I can eat loads but still lose weight whilst I sleep.
  3. Mountain. Speaking from experience (albeit a while back). I went through Basic and Inf School weighing 63kg, a weight I kept at Bn. As long as he has a good attitude and doesnt jack he will be fine. Pack weight is built up - he will get used to it.
  4. I was an ectomorph (still am, but have a big belly) when I joined and I was fine, so I am sure he will be as well.
  5. Mountain, I joined RM in 1984' I made Ethiopians look obese, my shoulder straps on my Webbing used to fall off. Your lad will be fine it's down to attitude, I ve seen muscle bosuns crumble at the first 3 miles of a yomp.

    Goog luck to him, by 19 I had a fine pair of shoulders.
  6. I dont think he has had his heart or blood pressure taken
    Thanks for the replies you lot! This has made me confident that hes got a fighting chance!
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  7. From Wiki:

    My bold. That explains everything then.
  8. I thought yours wasn't that flat.....had a couple of mossie bites there.
  9. Mountain. I was an inf mong for 6 years & our lot were well known for long tabs. Part of our makeup. We had racing snake built lads with muscles like knots in cotton cracking out 10 milers for fun & hardly breaking a sweat in full order. On the flip side the gym queens with biceps & bumps on bumps can be some of those jumping on the jack wagon after the first 3 miles are in. Its a mindset thing. Sounds like he's got the stamina already, if he's got the will he can do it. Tell him to stock up on Zinc Oxide tape for the bergen sores on his lower back!! LOL.