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Discussion in 'ARRSEpedia' started by KiwiASM, Sep 6, 2012.

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  1. Question time, gentlemen! Does anyone recall the expression 'Goffa' in relation to soft drinks. Was/is the expression from Brit Army, or am I barking up the wrong tree? Was used in Malaya/Singapore when I was there, about a hundred years ago it feels!
  2. Was used here all the time while I was in.(Oz 90's)
  3. Was still in use within the Royal Marines up untill at least a couple of years ago, as in "pass us a Goffa Royal" and could also mean a large wave or to hit someone.
  4. What tentoes said. Also a matelot term for a tin of fizzy pop.
  5. Royal navy terminology used to this day meaning a cold soft drink or also a wave or splash of water over the bows, as in "i just got goffered" or "dya want a goffer".

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  6. The only nickname we had for soft drinks in the Army was degag. This could be Coke, Sprite, Irn Bru or whatever. Mindja, that was what you called it first thing in the morning after a night on the piss, with a mouth like the inside of a tramp's shoe. It was just to strip the cobwebs out of your mouth. You didn't call it degag while drinking it after you've been up and about half the day.
  7. Stimms was the Belize equivalent.
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  8. There's mention of the term in a couple of Oz biographies about the Vietnam War.
  9. 'Anti gag' in 2SG
  10. When I was in, it was only called "de-gag" first thing in the morning, to clear the cobwebs and fur outta yer throat after a night on the lash.
  11. Yep, same thing, bottle of coke kept on the windowsill of Accom so it was nice and cold in the morning but, in 2SG, defo 'Anti Gag' I'm sure another Jock will be along shortly to verify, This was late 70s.
  12. Yes. They cost next to nothing and we would save up the empties, get money back on them and buy beer with that money! Good times!