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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Herrumph, Jan 21, 2009.

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  1. After serving with Veh Specs in BAOR and Antwerp I never learnt anything from them other than not to play cards or join in drinking games with them. Hence following question/ request for advice:

    I am currently working somewhere hot and sandy as a civvie. We have a number of vehicles we need to lay up for two months. Our drivers and mechanics are experienced at keeping them going but I would like some advice as to how best to put them to bed so we can use them again in two months. All vehicles are normal, commercially available 4x4 deisels.

    Any advice (other than give us a job)
  2. Clingfilm always works for me.
  3. Quit right but heavy duty plastic and black nasty works better, service vehs. fill with fuel, to prevent condensation, and cover all posible points of dust entry. If vehs. are to be left for long time to prevent tyre cracking ,put up on jacks, job done
  4. You've jumped to the wrong thread Smudge. You want the NAAFI Bar: search for "women", "Fit Birds", "She was too gopping" and the like
  5. get some poor sprog to stag on those wagons and to run them up and give them a drive every few days or so. :wink:

    Just leave them I say, but be gentle with them when you get back and start driving them though (but not before giving them a good once over just in case some fecking chogi's gone and snaffled the fuel/wheels/the whole fecking lot)
  6. Inflate the tyres 5 psi over what they should be to prevent flat spots and disconnect the batteries. As others have said fill the fuel tanks and block any engine air intakes with plastic.
  7. Moldy wrap and PX 9 on batt cables- luverly.